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Klein ISD – Day One


As part of Read Across America Week, I began my Klein ISD, 5-day, 8-school tour at Zwink Elementary—home of the Zebras! I spoke to Zwink’s around 1100 students in both the cafeteria and the library!

I met an abundance of your writers and future screenwriters and even got to see one young writer’s book-in-progress. Keep up the good work, Shawn! I also met a former Askew All-Star who saw my presentation two years earlier. Great to see you again, Lamaryah!

Thanks to Mrs. Mumme for having me out. Thanks to Mrs. Benoit for all the help. Thanks to the Wishbone fan club among the teachers for their cheers at the mention of one of my favorite past endeavors. And thanks to the Zwink Zebras themselves for starting my Klein ISD tour off with a bang!


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