Oct 24


Last week, I got to meet the wonderful students at Santos Livas Elementary in Alamo, TX! I performed two shows and let me just say, you Santos Livas students were two of the best audiences I’ve had in a while!

I signed a bunch of books and even received a wonderful gift basket at the end of my last show! Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy your books!

Unfortunately, I didn’t feel well during my final show, and what do you do when you don’t feel well at school? You go to the nurse’s office! Well, that’s what I did and guess what, kids? Your nurse, Ms. Ramos, saved my life. She really did! So, the next time you see her, go up and give her a great big hug for me!

Thanks to all the fun Santos Livas Students for being such a great audience. Thanks to Mrs. Rios for her help and the generous gift basket. Thanks to all of the PSJA ISD staff who asked about me and shared their concerns. Thanks to Mrs. Galvan for inviting me and for going above and beyond, staying by my side in the hospital until my family arrived. And the biggest thanks of all goes to Jessica Ramos for giving me the opportunity to visit more schools in the future, and hopefully someday soon, return to Santos Livas! You are the best nurse a school could have!

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