Feb 25

This morning I began my quick Arkansas tour of Greenbrier Public Schools on the west side … at Westside Elementary in Greenbrier, Arkansas!

I performed in front of two great groups of students and I got to meet Mrs. Lewter’s Destination Imagination group (I even sign their stageplay)!

After signing a bunch of books in the school library, I zipped over to Wooster Elementary!

After each of the two afternoon shows, I had the pleasure of signing more books for several Wooster students!

Thanks to Mrs. Duncan for having me out at Westside. Thanks to Mr. Weiler for the Westside tech support. Thanks to Mrs. Stevens for inviting me to Greenbrier and for having me out to Wooster. And thanks to Coach VanPelt for the use of her gym and the Wooster technical help. But the biggest thanks goes to the great students of Westside and Wooster elementary schools. You helped make my first day in Arkansas exciting, welcoming, and fun!

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