Dec 6


I spent the first half of my day at Gashland Elementary in Kansas City. I was greeted by a wonderful banner that the students made and spoke with the principal, Mrs. Lakin. She told me all about how the students strive to read at least 100 books! In fact, if you look at the sign in the picture below, you’ll see how the students have already read 41,140 books this year! Wow! Pretty cool for a school with just Kindergarteners and 1st Graders!
For lunch, I enjoyed pizza in the library with 20 students who won a raffle to have lunch with the author (that’s me!). We had a fun time and I got to answer some questions that the kids didn’t get to ask during the show. I also heard about how many of the lucky winners want to be writers themselves.
Thanks to Mr. Duane for all the help setting up and for the fun conversations about Boy Scouts. Thanks to Mrs. Boekhout for inviting me and organizing such a great event. And thanks to all the wonderful readers at Gashland Elementary. You keep reading those 100 books and I’ll keep writing more. I’ve written more than 80 right now but I hope to be at 100 very soon!


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