Jun 23

cc_link Scott McFadden, and I are busy finishing the first webisode of a brand new online series called Clown Commandos.

The show is about a squad of heroes from an alternate universe where clowns evolved into an elite fighting force. Yet when these same commandos become trapped in our universe, they find themselves fighting crime for a society that doesn’t take them seriously. The squad must come to grips with being known as eccentric vigilantes instead of garnering the respect of which they’re accustomed.

Click the banner to learn more about each of the characters and the unique turn of events that made clowns revered in their universe.

Doing everything from writing and animating to music and sound fx, Scott and I have come a long way and learned quite a bit. The release date for the first webisode is closing in, but we’ve posted a couple of stills as a sneak-peek. Click here to take a look!

Check back on both websites for more news and the official release of the upcoming Clown Commandos webisode series!


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