WISHBONE Mysteries: Forgotten Heroes

Digging around at a garage sale, Joe Talbot and Wishbone find a shoe box full of old baseball cards. Among the cards is one from the 1933 Oakdale Oaks. Joe is thrilled to have a card from Oakdale’s old baseball team. But he finds out they won the 1933 national championship and there is no mention of it in the town’s record books, he can’t believe it! Joe, David Barnes, Samantha Kepler, and Wishbone dig deeper. They discover that someone tried to erase all records of the team’s victory by taking all the newspapers from 1933. As they search for the truth, they uncover a terrible secret from Oakdale’s past. Unless Wishbone and his friends find out the truth, a whole year of the town’s history will vanish. And some of the best athletes who ever played baseball will be forgotten!

Illustrated by Al Fiorentino