WISHBONE SUPER Mysteries: The Ghost of Camp Ka Nowato

Cover Copy: When Joe Talbot, Samantha Kepler, and David Barnes are asked to become counselors for a nearby summer camp, they think it is a great way to spend the summer. Wishbone is excited when he is asked to come along. However, when spooky things start to happen at the camp, Wishbone realizes there is more going on at this place than sports, crafts, and horseback riding! There is a legend saying that the camp is haunted. Wishbone and his friends soon begin to wonder if the legend is true, or if a reckless prankster is terrorizing the camp. When the pranks start to become dangerous, Wishbone and his friends must solve the ghostly mystery before someone gets seriously hurt- or before Camp Na Nowato has to close forever!

Illustrated by Al Fiorentino