The SUPER Adventures of WISHBONE: Tails of Terror

Anthology written with Brad Strickland, Mary Ryan, Nancy Holder, B. B. Calhoun, Joanne Barkan, Carla Jablonski, and Vivian Sathre

Illustrations: Kathryn Yingling, Don Punchatz, Jane McCreary, Lyle Miller, and Arvis Stewart

Edited by Kevin Ryan and Pam Pollack

Cover Copy: It’s Halloween night, and as the rest of the Talbot family sleeps, Wishbone makes his final check on the house and yard. Suddenly, he hears a strange noise and catches a glimpse of something moving in the backyard. Soon, the chase is on throughout Oakdale, as Wishbone tracks down a mysterious figure. Each creepy encounter reminds the brave canine of a classic ghost tale. Wishbone begins to imagine himself battling frightening ghosts, creepy spirits, and one strange creature after another. This is one Halloween that just keeps getting scarier by the minute!