Night at the Museum: Nick’s Tales – Night of the Dragons


This is the first in a new series where Nick Daley (son of night guard, Larry Daley) embarks on his own journey in the museum, meets exciting new exhibits, and faces the biggest challenges of his life!

Cover Copy: Things at the museum just got weirder?
In the blockbuster film Night At the Museum night watchmen Larry Daley learned that every night an ancient Egyptian tablet brought the museum exhibits to life–from a mischievous monkey, to a full-sized T-Rex skeleton, to twenty-sixth President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt. In Night At The Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian Larry’s adventure continued at the Smithsonian Institute.
Picking up where the movies left off, Night of the Dragons is a brand-new novel for middle grade readers, following the adventures of Larry Daley’s teenage son Nick as he learns the ropes at the strangest museum in the world. In this story, a new exhibit brings new dangers and unleashes an evil force on the Museum of Natural History. Soon, Nick is up to his ears in trouble. With his father sidelined by a strange new magic, the boy must face giant dragons and an evil sorcerer determined to take over the museum–and then the world!