Michael Anthony Steele

I’m an author and screenwriter with experience writing for multiple entertainment properties. I created this site not only as an online portfolio but also as a resource for students and others interested in writing. In addition to speaking at schools and various events, I’m always happy to answer questions about my career writing for children’s publishing, television, and home videos. I plan to expand this site (as time permits) to answer some of the many questions I receive about the lifestyle of staying home and making stuff up.

So, if you’re interested in my services, please download my PDF resume or click through my complete list of books, videos, or any other work listed above.

If you’d like me to perform a live presentation, contact me or visit the School & Library Visits section of my website.

If you’re a fan or wish to know more about writing, shoot me an email me or post a reply. If you’re simply curious about the life and opinions of a freelance writer and avid hat collector, check back for future news, opinions, or whatever else happens to pop into my head.

PDF Resume