Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London


COVER COPY: Field experience has turned Cody Banks into a first-rate undercover agent. Or so he thinks. But it doesn’t take long before a training session takes a disastrous turn—thanks to Banks—and a mind-control device falls into the wrong hands.

Now, equipped with the latest in spy gizmos and gadgets, Banks is assigned to an exclusive music program in London where his mission is to retrieve the device. Which will prove more challenging for our brave hero- posing as a world-class musician or saving the world from being brainwashed?

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This was one of my first novelizations and where I quickly learned how many changes the movie script can go through AFTER I write the book. I always recommend reading novelizations because there are always cool scenes and gags that were eventually cut from the final film. They’re kind of like DVD extras in a book!