Television & Video

I began my writing career on the first season of Wisbone while working in the prop department. In between making tiny rifles and medieval flails for the star of the show (a Jack Russell Terrier named Soccer), I submitted two spec scripts to production. Nothing came of them initially so I went on to distribute swords and shields to a hoard of extras set to storm the castle in the upcoming “Bone of Arc” episode.

Near the end of first season, I was tapped to write two “Tail End” segments. These were short behind-the-scenes segments used to fill time when an episode ran too short. Because of either the segments or the spec scripts, I was asked to co-write an episode for the second season. Later, I became a staff writer for the show.

Since then, I’ve continued to write for children’s television by writing 25 episodes of Barney & Friends as well as a few Barney videos. I’ve also written five videos for the preschool property BOZ, the Green Bear Next Door.

  • Click here for a list of my Barney episodes.
  • Below is a list of released videos I’ve written and/or co-written:

Barney: All About Opposites

Barney: Planes, Trains & Cars

Barney: Big World Adventure: The Movie

Barney: I Love My Friends

Barney: Clean Up, Clean Up!

Barney: 123 Learn

Barney: Top 20 Countdown

Barney: Hi! I’m Riff!

Barney: Animal ABC’s

Barney: Dino-mite Birthday

Barney: Shake Your Dino Tail!

Start Singing with BOZ

BOZ: Adventures in Imagination

BOZ: B-O-Z’s and 1-2-3’s

BOZ: Colors and Shapes

Barney: Numbers! Numbers!

Barney: Now I Know my ABC’s

Barney: Movin’ and Groovin’

Barney: Songs from the Park

WISHBONE’s Dog Days of the West

WISHBONE: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

  • Along with Steven Kavner, I was a creative consultant on the following videos:

Barney: Let’s go to the Zoo

Come on Over To Barney’s House