Shrek Tales: Snowgre

Cover Copy:

Shrek’s cousin is a snowman… and also an ogre. He’s Snowgre!

Snowgre lives in a mountaintop ice castle. When Shrek goes to visit, he’s not pleased by the zero-degree freezing breeze. Does he decide there’s nothing nice about ice… or will he learn the thrill of the chill?

A Review From Amazon:
“I got this book for my son, who read it himself and loved it. Then he insisted we read it together. It is just wonderful. The author captures the Shrek character and humor perfectly. In fact, I thought this book was consitently funnier than the films, which can be a bit uneven. My favorite line in the book: “He had eaten weed rat for the past three nights, so the moldy cheese was a nice change.” Highly recommended.”