WISHBONE’s Dog Days of the West

Written with: Susan B. Chick and Steven Kavner

Cover Copy: It’s time to saddle up and wrestle up some doggies because wishbone is about to take everyone on a rootin’, tootin’ wild west adventure. In the dusty town of Chaparosa, Texas, no one knows how to tame the land better than Long Bill Longley (Wishbone) and his best friend Tom Merwin. But, can our two heroes tame the resident bad guy, Calliope Catesby before he destroys the town?

Meanwhile, in Oakdale, Wanda Gilmore has also become quite a hero. That is, until a sneaky TV reporter tries to paint her as the town tyrant. Will Wishbone and his friends come to Wanda’s rescue before it’s too late? Or will Wanda watch her reputation ride into the sunset?

Don’t miss this full hour of tumbleweed chasin’, tail waggin’ fun based on the short stories of O. Henry and starring everyone’s favorite cowpoke, Wishbone.