Start Singing with BOZ

video cover thumb From the cover: BOZ has a joyful song in his heart … and he can’t wait to share it! In fact, with lots of karaoke songs and music videos, BOZ and his friends are a-hoppin’ and a-boppin’! This special compilation DVD will have preschoolers singing for joy!

Episode: What If?

One little question can open up a whole big world of exploring new ways to show how we can help others.

Sing-Along Songs

Open Your Eyes to God’s Surprise – Do What I Do! – Read A Book! – A Ball is Fun For All – We Can Do A Lot!

Music Videos

Squeaky Clean – God Sees You And He Likes What He Sees – Monkey Around – The Right Stuff – Imagine The Fun – Music Makes Me Wanna Jump Around – Give A Giggle – Rainbowonderful World – Fun In Every Season – Deep In The Ocean