Other Media


I had an amazing opportunity to co-write the script for a VR game—Wilson’s Heart! It’s not for the kids but I’m very proud of it and I had a wonderful time working with the guys at Twisted Pixel Games. So much so, that I’m co-writing another one with them!



I have written several live performances and presentations for Boz, Barney, and Wishbone. I also wrote a live performance and contributed to the character development of Arturo, the official mascot for the Dallas Museum of Art.



While working at Lyrick Studios, I had the opportunity to write, produce, and consult on several audio projects. They ranged from simple in-store announcements to fully produced radio theatre–styled productions. Click the logo to the left to hear an excerpt from one such production. It’s the introduction to The WISHBONE Adventure Party, designed to be held in bookstores. The voice work includes Larry Brantley (as Wishbone) and me as most of the other characters. Quite fun!




I wrote the back stories for Barbie Scanimals and Skannerz. I also penned several instruction manuals for games like 20Q for Radica Games.



I was the script writer for the CD-ROM Wishbone Activity Zone. I also contributed copy to Wishbone Print Tricks.




I co-wrote the captions for the 1999 Wishbone wall calendar as well as the Wishbone Dog-a-Day calendar. I also contributed copy to the official Wishbone board game.