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Klein ISD – Day Two


Today I began the morning at Greenwood Forest Elementary—home of the Grizzly Bears! I gave two back-to-back shows for all the 1st through 5th graders and we brought down the cafeteria!

I was in and out quick, but it was fun meeting you and answering your questions!

Thanks to Mrs. Hall and Mrs. Schneider for all the help and the introductions. And a big thanks to all the great Grizzly Bears! Don’t forget what I said about sending me more questions!

After leaving my new friends at Greenwood Forest, I zipped over to Mittelstädt Elementary to have lunch and meet the Mittelstädt Patriots! As it turns out, my elementary school (Russell Elementary) were the Patriots, too! Don’t believe me? Check it out HERE!

Before my presentations, I got to hang out with Max, the cool library rabbit!

Thanks to Mrs. Bullen for having me out, to Mrs. Ledbetter for all the help, to Max for being all rabbity-cute-and-cuddly…and a big thanks goes to all the Mittelstädt Patriots! Get to the library and chew on a good book (as Wishbone would say), and keep Max company as he chews on a carrot stick!



Klein ISD – Day One


As part of Read Across America Week, I began my Klein ISD, 5-day, 8-school tour at Zwink Elementary—home of the Zebras! I spoke to Zwink’s around 1100 students in both the cafeteria and the library!

I met an abundance of your writers and future screenwriters and even got to see one young writer’s book-in-progress. Keep up the good work, Shawn! I also met a former Askew All-Star who saw my presentation two years earlier. Great to see you again, Lamaryah!

Thanks to Mrs. Mumme for having me out. Thanks to Mrs. Benoit for all the help. Thanks to the Wishbone fan club among the teachers for their cheers at the mention of one of my favorite past endeavors. And thanks to the Zwink Zebras themselves for starting my Klein ISD tour off with a bang!



Two Schools Near Houston

Today I spent the morning at Neill Elementary in Richmond, TX! I got to hang out with the Neil Longhorns and follow their character-building assembly—Castle Quest!

There were tons of young writers in the audience and even a couple of future screenwriters. I know this because two of them emailed me later for advice. Good luck on your screenplay, Ava & Elijah!

Thanks to Mrs. O’Brien for inviting me. Thanks to Castle Quest guys, Parker and James for the use of the equipment. And a big thanks to all the Neill Longhorns for the fun morning!

After two shows at Neill, I zipped over to nearby Highlands Elementary to have lunch and spend the day with the Highlands Scotties! This was my second visit to Highlands Elementary with a new librarian, all-new Scotties, but just as much fun. After both shows, Mrs. Allen drew names for lucky winners to receive one of my books!

Congratulations: Alex, Anna, Caitlynn, Daniel, Jenisha, Johnathan, Luci, Ramona, Ria, Rishit, Tobi, and Veda! It was great meeting you and a pleasure to sign each of your books!



No, there’s not a virus going around, some Scotties watched 101 Dalmatians today and many students dressed the part!

Thanks to Mrs. Evans for inviting me and for lunch. And a special thanks to all the Scotties! You still know how to make an author feel welcome!


Bowman Middle School – Day 2


Day two at Bowman Middle School began with a huge crowd—ALL of 7th grade in one go! Everyone was great and many asked some insightful questions. Thanks for sticking around to ask more: Jasmine and Andrew!

Later, some of the 7th graders and I hammered out some writing techniques and tips during two of my writing workshops!

Thanks again to Ms. Larch and the BMS PTA for having me out. Thanks to Mr. Williams and Mrs. Harper for help setting up. Thanks again to Mrs. Scheurer for the use of the library (feel better soon). And the biggest thanks of all goes to all the BMS 6th and 7th graders! Although I haven’t lived in Plano for years, you made me feel right at home!




Bowman Middle School – Day 1

Today was day one of two fun-filled days at Bowman Middle School in Plano, TX! I had a great time with all the 6th graders (7th grade tomorrow), and they had tons of great questions!

Not only did they enjoy the screenwriting segment but also hearing about me co-writing my very first video game. Better yet, this group is just about old enough to play it! Since you showed such interest, that name again is Wilson’s Heart and you can check it out: HERE!

Thanks to Ms. Larch and the BMS PTA for having me out. Thanks to Mrs. Scheurer for all the help and the use of the library. Thanks to Mr. Williams for the tech support. Thanks again to Miller Hats (today was the maiden voyage of my new blue pork pie). And a big thanks to all the Bowman Middle School 6th graders. You had some great questions and if you think of something else, catch me in the halls tomorrow!




Twice as Nice at Rice


It was a big day (and night) for me in Tyler, TX! First, I was invited back to Rice Elementary to hang out with the Rice Rangers again!

I spent the day with the Rangers giving three presentations, signing some books, and having a writing workshop with some of the 4th graders.


And…the obligatory silly one.

That evening, I was honored to be the guest author at Tyler ISD’s first LitCon…and it was crazy!


I signed more books, met some great people including Kornpop the Klown!

I gave another presentation (with the help of Kornpop’s balloon penguin)…

…and this time I had a little help from some of the Rice Rangers!

Thanks to Ms. Tunnell and the Rice PTA for having me back at the school, inviting me to your very first LitCon, and the generous gift basket and cookies! Thanks to Mrs. Gaston for all the help. Thanks to Mrs. Smith, your Speech Teacher but MY classmate from high school (great catching up with you!). But the biggest thanks goes to all the Rice Rangers and Tyler ISD students, parents, and teachers who came out to LitCon! It was packed, crazy, but a lot of fun!




A Reading at Reed


Today I was back in Texas, first to stop by Miller Hats (those who’ve seen my show know why), and then I spent an exciting day at Reed Elementary—home of the Roadrunners! I performed three shows in Reed’s huge library, surrounded by Mrs. McGary’s Elvis and Star Wars paraphernalia—my kind of place!

I met a bunch of young writers, a young photographer, and heard all about the school’s “Name That Book” team. Good luck, everyone!

Thanks to Mrs. McGarry for inviting me and for the fun conversations (get to Graceland; TCB!). Thanks to Miss Bolton for taking pictures and the Twitter shout out. And a big thanks to all the Reed Roadrunners. I hope you enjoy all the library books I signed and remember those four words!



Arizona Day and Night


I spent a fun morning and evening at O’Brien Elementary in Casa Grande, AZ! I was welcomed by custom classroom door decorations from many of the grades. Here is just a sample.


Turns out, every grade was given one of my books to study before my arrival. That means they had tons of great questions for…

…the two writing workshops for 3rd-5th grades!

That night, I gave a presentation for O’Brien’s reading night. I got to know some of the students and many of their parents. There was even a drawing for some of my signed books.

Thanks to Mrs. Mims and Mrs. Raymond for having me out. Thanks to all of last year’s 3rd graders in the Final Four Reading Challenge who won the funds to bring me out. Thanks to Mr. Lin for all the tech support. And a big thanks to all the great students at O’Brien Elementary. I’m honored to have been part of your special evening!





First School in Arizona


Today I visited my very first school in Arizona! I drove through some beautiful scenery to spend the morning at Rice Elmentary on the San Carlos Apache Reservation. I met a bunch of great kids and even a few young writers. I can’t wait to read some of your work!

I hope everyone enjoyed my presentations and remember those four words I taught you: I Can Do That!

Thanks to Mr. Schafer (school counsellor and George Carlin look-alike) for having me out. Thanks to Officer Duncan for reminding everyone how important school can be. And a big thanks to all the great students at Rice Elementary. Don’t forget what Officer Duncan told you and those four powerful words!



A Day in Three Rivers


Today I had a great day in Three Rivers ISD! I hung with the older crowd for a change of pace, giving presentations to the 4th through 8th graders. Everyone was great and even posed with me after each show!



I also gave a writing workshop to a select group of high schoolers. Not only did they give me great questions, but also some cool gifts—including a Three Rivers Bulldogs hat for my collection!

Thanks to Mrs. Curbello for having me out. Thanks to Mrs. Salizar for help setting up. Thanks to Brandie, Jessica, Jocelin, and Nathan for being such great hosts/guides/lunch companions (it was fun getting to know all of you)! Thanks again to Mrs. Curbello and everyone for the great gifts. And a big thanks to the rest of the Three Rivers ISD students whom I crossed paths with today. I truly enjoyed my visit to your school!