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Northwest ISD – Day Two

I spent an exciting day with an enthusiastic group of kids: The Sendera Ranch Elementary Longhorns!

Not only was I surprised by how many young writers were in the audience, but I was also happy to see how many Wishbone fans were out there (I think we have Mrs. Jurgens to thank for that). I hope you can sniff out some more Wishbone episodes the same way Wishbone sniffs out a good book!

Thanks to Mrs. Jurgens for having me out, the great lunch, putting my book on your wall of fame, and for inviting me to Northwest ISD in the first place. Thanks to Coach Flores for the gym and help setting up. And the biggest thanks goes to the Longhorns themselves. I hope you enjoy my books, and I hope to read some of YOUR writing someday!



Northwest ISD – Day One


Today was the first day of my Northwest ISD tour and I soared with the Haslet Elementary Eagles! I was welcomed with my own parking space, welcome sign, a cool LEGO City…city, courtesy of the 1st graders, in honor of my LEGO City book: Build this City. Very cool!


In between shows, I signed bunches of books for the library AND many of the Eagles themselves!


Thanks to Mrs. Joseph for inviting me. Thanks to Mrs. Judy for selling my books. And a big thanks to all the Haslet Eagles. I could tell by your questions and enthusiasm that you had been learning about me all week. I think you know more about me than me!



Night of Books and Looks

Tonight I was the guest speaker at Rochell Elementary‘s annual Family Literacy Night! There was a book fair, an appearance by Half Price Book’s big bookworm, trick-or-treating fun, and me!

I enjoyed a special introduction by ten of the Rochell Rangers themselves!

After my presentation to a packed cafeteria, I signed several books, and then cruised around to see all the cool costumed teachers–most dressed as storybook characters!




Thanks to Mrs. Castillo for inviting me and to Mrs. Leal for all the help. And a big thanks to all the parents and Rochell Rangers for coming out and welcoming me to your fun literacy night!



Back in Oklahoma!


On this Friday the 13th I was lucky enough to be invited back to the Miami Public Library in Miami, Oklahoma! Once again, I had the pleasure of meeting all the 5th graders from nearby Nichols Elementary. The kids were bussed in throughout the day and we rocked the library’s upstairs activity room!


Thanks to Mrs. Beauchamp for inviting me back. It was great catching up (but sorry for the blurry pic). And a big thanks to all the Nichols Elementary 5th graders. I enjoyed visiting your town again (right on Route 66, you know) and had a fun time spending the day with you!



Back in Alaska!


My first author visits of the school year were in guess where…Juneau, Alaska! I’ve visited Alaska before but this was my first official school visit…visit. How cool is that? I began the day at Glacier Valley Elementary. Everyone was lovely, students and teachers alike, as lovely as the school’s surrounding scenery!

Thanks to Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Potter for having me out, for the transportation, and the cool T-shirts! And the biggest thanks to everyone I met at Glacier Valley—my first Alaska school!

Oh, yeah, another cool thing about Glacier Valley…down the street from an actual glacier. Another thanks goes to Mrs. Potter for the ride to Mendenhall Glacier. Very cool!

After lunch, I enjoyed an afternoon visit to Harborview Elementary! I had a great time with everyone, even if we did run a little short on time. But like I said, be sure to email me any questions you like! Hopefully the library books I signed will help make up for it.


Thanks to Mrs. Leary for having me out and thanks to all the great Harborview students. I hope you enjoy my books in your library.

A big thanks goes to all the kids I met today (including the girl who yelled out to me from her car later). I had a fun time in Juneau and I hope to come back soon!



Back in Leesville!


Almost a year later to the day, I returned to Leesville, Louisiana to spend more time at the Vernon Parish Library! It was great to be back performing two shows for the summer readers of all ages!

I also got another look at the director’s extensive Micky Mouse collection. This isn’t even a quarter of it!

Thanks to Priscilla Watson for having me back and setting everything up. Thanks to Steven for the tech support. Thanks to Karen for taking pictures. Thanks to Megan for the Sly Cooper discussion and good luck with your own writing!

And a big thanks to everyone taking part in the summer reading program, especially those who came out to see me today. It was fun seeing everyone again!



First Summer Library Visit


Today I enjoyed my first summer library visit at the Cozby Library in Coppell, TX. Not only did I have a great time and meet tons of wonderful people, but I also got to get silly in their newly-renovated facility. If you’re in the area, I recomend checking it out. Very cool!

Note the rare photo of my show’s flying fish. This thing is harder to document than Bigfoot! See? Silliness.

Thanks to Mrs. Williams for having me out. Thanks to special library helpers: Anika, Megan, and Ria for help setting up. Also thanks to Ms. Gloria and Ms. Betsy for their help, too. Thanks to Mrs. Meehan for taking pictures. And a big thanks to everyone who came out today. Keep up with that summer reading!




Last Stop: San Antonio


Today I spent the last author visit of the school year at the very cool Sunshine Cottage School for Deaf Children. I’ll admit I was a little unsure when I was first booked. I’ve worn special microphones and had someone signing beside me in past school visits, but I had never visited an entire school for deaf children. It turns out that I had nothing to worry about! I think that those of us who don’t touch that world have little idea of the advancements of various sorts of hearing aids and implants. I simply wore a microphone that was synced to the students’ devices and performed my show as usual.

We had three great shows and I met a bunch of amazing kids. We paused for some photo ops and I even got a tour of the school. I signed a few books for the school library, and I even signed some other stuff for a little surprise Mrs. Leal has been working up.

Thanks to Mrs. Leal for inviting me—great to finally meet you after such a long run of email tag. Thanks too for the wonderful gift bag–very generous! Thanks to Ms. Mindy for the technical support. And a big thanks to all the fine students at Sunshine Cottage. I’ve highlighted the school’s name both times because I recommend clicking it and visiting their website. It’s very enlightening. I think I learned more during my visit today than the students. Great way to end the school year!




Back at Vandergriff!


Today I returned to Vandergriff Elementary to perform another show for some more Grizzlies AND hold a writing workshop for the entire 3rd grade!

I also got to meet (and sign a book for) Assistant Principal for the day, Hunter!

Returning to Vandergriff two days later was great for me. I already knew where to hook into the equipment, the location of the nearest restroom—you know…important stuff. It was also good for Lauren (who was absent during my previous visit). And it gave many 3rd graders a chance to hand-deliver several thank you letters to me. Nice!

Thanks again to Mrs. Tate and the Vandergriff PTO for having me out. And a big thanks to all Vandergriff Grizzlies. Your double feature school visit was a fun way to end my latest trip to Arkansas!



Hangin’ with the Hawks


I spent a fun day at Happy Hollow Elementary—home of the Hawks! I performed a whopping four presentations to great crowds all around. We had Mrs. Troutt’s usual quiet library roaring with excitement (sorry, Mrs. T). There were so many young writers in all the grades, I couldn’t believe it. I had many of them come up to me after each show telling me about their various writing projects—way cool!

Thanks to Mrs. Troutt and the Happy Hollow PTO for having me out. Thanks to Mrs. Luper for the photos. Thanks again to Mrs. Luper and to Coach West, Mr. Mark, Ms. Donahue, and Mrs. Smith for all the help during the presentations. And a big thanks to all the HH Hawks for the exciting day. Keep reading (quietly in the library—I can’t be there every day to rattle the windows with you) and keep writing those stories!