Dec 15

We took a quick jaunt down to Gonzales, TX to donate some signed Tom Swift hardcovers to the Robert Lee Brothers Jr. Memorial Library. What a nice facility jam-packed with many letters and historical documents for all to read!

Of course we had to visit the canon from the Texas Revolution “Come and take it” flag. Little known fact, the canon on the flag is darn close to actual size!

We also had to swing by Brenham TX so Virgil could visit the Blue Bell Creamery—it was a chilly place for little a Chihuahua, but he soldiered through!

Nov 9

Today I returned to Santos Livas Elementary, in Pharr, TX, to help honor their Emergency Response Team for not only the amazing work they do, but also because of how they helped me a few years ago and allowed me to continue visiting schools all over the country!

When I returned to the library, I was surprised by a large gathering of the school district staff including Superintendent Arredondo and Director of Library Services, Nora Galvan. But most importantly, I got to see Ms. Ramos again, the Santos Livas school nurse who saved my life. I’m so grateful that I even wrote her into one of my Tom Swift books.

I signed a few books for everyone, but I also got to meet another person Ms. Ramos helped—Mr. Gonzalez!

Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome back! Thanks again to Ms. Ramos and to Mrs. Galvan for all the help during my last visit. I can’t wait to come back so I can finally finish my tour of all the Pharr schools!

Oct 25

My very first in-person author visit in over a year had me at Blanchard Elementary in Blanchard, Oklahoma. It was great to be out again and answering many great questions from students in person for a change. I was not only greeted by a bunch of smiling faces but also some amazing art including characters from my work and the phrase everyone should remember!

Thanks to Mr. Heitt for having me out, thanks to Mrs. Clark for all the help and kind words, and a big thanks to all the amazing students at Blanchard Elementary. I hope you enjoyed my presentations as much as I enjoyed getting back out in the world and doing them for you!

Jun 5

I enjoyed meeting many fun and exciting new people during my short promotional book tour of Florida Libraries. I donated a couple of signed Tom Swift hardcovers to the Fruitville Public Library in Sarasota, the Margaret Key Public Library in Apalachicola, as well as some to the Gulf County Public Library in Port St. Joe. Great meeting you, Mrs. Kessel, Mrs. Minnick, Mrs. Kienzel, Caroline and Carrie!

Of course, on the way home, I had to stop by the world famous Meyer The Hatter in New Orleans. I needed to resupply for my presentations and Michael Meyer set me up with some new pieces that you’re bound to see in upcoming school visits!

May 26

Returning to Long Island (virtually anyway), I had an exciting morning when I spoke to the fine students of Fork Lane Elementary in Hicksville, NY! I’m sorry I didn’t get a screenshot during one of my three sessions, but I DID get some questions emailed to me right away from a few of the students. Very cool!

Thanks to Mrs. Hudson and Mrs. Guiliano for inviting me. Thanks to Mr. Callender, Mr. Friedman, and Mr. Kerkenides for tech support. And the biggest thanks of all goes to the wonderful students at Fork Lane Elementary. Keep those questions coming, and don’t forget the four words!

May 3

The Mitchells vs. the Machines has been released on Netflix! This action-packed animated movie is about a fractured family being humanity’s only hope against an army of robots set to take over the world!

I haven’t watched it yet, but I’m intimately familiar with the screenplay since I wrote its novelization over a year ago. The movie’s release date had been pushed back and back due to the pandemic, but I’m thrilled to see it finally become available to viewers!

Now, if you enjoy the movie and want to relive the amazing adventure in book form, be sure to check out my work based on the film, Connected. I hope you enjoy reading it, and I look forward to telling you all about writing it when I’m back visiting schools again!

May 1

Today I attended my very first book festival at the Winnsboro Festival of Books in Winnsboro, Texas! I met many great authors and was honored to be a part of the Children’s Literature Panel along with the very talented Nancy Churnin, Mary Brooke Casad, and Rosie J. Pova. Together, we learned about each other’s books and answered many great questions about the writing process and what it’s like creating stories for children of all ages.

Thanks to Terry Mathews and the Winnsboro Center for the Arts for inviting me and for lunch at the wonderful South African restaurant, Liefie Li Vine. I had a great time, and as I mentioned to all who attended, feel free to shoot any writing questions my way via:!

Feb 23

Today I had my very first virtual author visit, and it couldn’t have been with a nicer group of kids. I got to share my screen with some of the students and teachers at Eagle Charter School in Salem, Oregon! And, thanks to the pandemic, the students were all visiting virtually as well. I was at home, they were at home … we all sat at home in comfortable clothes and learned about special effects, novelizations, and just how many animals an author can stuff into one home!

Thanks for letting me share your screen, and I hoped you enjoyed my special Career Day presentation. Keep those questions coming, and remember to get your parents’ permission and email me any more to:

Thanks to Mrs. Herring and Dr. Ballance for inviting me, and thanks to all the Eagle Charter students (and some parents) who participated in my very first virtual visit. You all made it a lot of fun!

Aug 18

Hi Everyone!

I just want to say that I sure miss visiting all of you young readers at various schools all over the country. And I’m so sorry that we had to cancel some of my visits earlier this year.

But when I DO get to see you again, I’ll have all kinds of new things to talk about! I’ve been here on the ranch writing several brand new DC Superheroes books, new Scooby-Doo books, and even a couple of novelizations (remember that word I taught you?) for some cool upcoming movies. Check out their book covers and movie trailers below!

When all of this is over, I look forward to being packed into the library with you again as we sing some songs, make some noise, and maybe even learn a thing or two!

All the best,

Michael Anthony Steele

Feb 19

Today I crossed just north of the border into Oklahoma to spend the day with all the 3rd and 4th graders at Altus Elementary!

I met a bunch of young writers and future screenwriters—true superheroes in the school!

And I know where they get their inspiration . . . it was a treat to visit their superhero-themed library. Very cool!

Thanks to Mrs. Salafia for inviting me. Thanks to Mrs. Bishop for all the help. And the biggest thanks of all goes to all the great kids at Altus Elementary. Keep reading, keep writing, and don’t forget about Batman . . .

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