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Another Pantego


I’ve visited Pantego Christian Academy in Arlington twice in the past, but today was my first time at their Mansfield campus! I was there at the end their young authors and illustrators competition. I gave a presentation to the entire school did, in fact, meet many young authors and illustrators with great questions all around!

After the show, I got to spend lunch with all the 6th graders for some more writing questions…and pizza, too! Can’t beat that! Great to meet you: Carley, Cecille, Connell, Cornelius, Jacob, Mallory, Matthew, Skylar, Trent, and Vanessa!

Thanks to Mrs. Russell for inviting me. Thanks to Mrs. Birdwell for letting me join your class for lunch. And thanks to all the young authors and illustrators at Pantego Christian Academy. I hope you enjoyed my visit and don’t forget to keep reading AND writing!



From Love to Hart


It’s no longer February but it seemed like a valentine week with my departure from Love and my arrival at Hart Elementary in Lucas, Texas—home of the Leopards! Big welcome banners greeted my arrival along with several enthusiastic students. As part of their annual event, Legacy Read, I gave two shows in the cafeteria…

…followed by some photo ops.

And then I retired to the “Leopard Lair” for a final show and more photos. After which I signed a ton of books for the school library AND many more brought in by the Leopards themselves!


Thanks to Mrs. Hart for inviting me out and for the great lunch. Thanks to Mrs, Thomas for her help. And the biggest thanks of all goes to the Leopards themselves. With your event theme of Walk a Mile in my Shoes, I hope you enjoyed my show and realize that the saying works for hats, too!



What’s Hatchin’ at Love Elementary


I spent a fun day with the Lil’ Texans at Clara Love Elementary, in Justin, Texas! I enjoyed meeting everyone, performing three big shows, and signing bunches of books for many students AND the school library. I hope you enjoy the books, Will!

I also enjoyed seeing the library’s incubator with six eggs—of which…I forgot to get a photo. It’s okay though, because even though they were scheduled to hatch that day, they hadn’t before I left. So…just picture six eggs and you get the picture, so to speak.

Either way, I loved my time at Love Elementary and I want to thank Mrs. Kosek for inviting me and taking pictures. I also want to thank all the Lil’ Texans who brought books and sang along during my shows. And I hope all of you get to check out one of my many books Mrs. Kosek got for the library. I signed each and every one and even added reminders in some to remember four special words…



Playing with the Panthers


Today I saw two schools in one over in Longview, Texas. I had a big time in the big auditorium with the Spring Hill Primary and the Spring Hill Intermediate Panthers! Between three fun shows, I signed several books for students and even some for both libraries!

This visit, I received a pleasant surprise when I was presented with a special Panther paw shirt, custom-made by Mrs. Holder of Spring Hill Primary. Of course, I had to take it for a test drive during my last show. Thanks for the thoughtful gift, Mrs. H!


Thanks to Mrs. Pleasant for inviting me. Thanks to Mrs. Phillips and Mrs. Pleasant for the fun lunch. Thanks to Mrs. Doron and Mr. Wildt for all the tech support. Thanks again to Mrs. Holder for the shirt and welcome banner. And a big thanks to all the Spring Hill Panthers! I hope you had as much fun as I did. And I hope you liked my new shirt!



Last Day in Kansas City


My last day in Kansas City was spent at Bell Prairie Elementary—home of the Mustangs! I spent the day with all grades and was once again excited to see how many young writers were in attendance. Way to go, mighty Mustangs!

Between shows, many Mustangs were happy to get books signed AND pose for pics…


One was MORE than happy!

Thanks to Mrs. Wheeler for having me out and for the lovely lunch. Thanks to all the Bell Prairie Mustangs for the fun experience and all the great questions (I’m still getting email questions from Mustangs—and a few from Northview Panthers). And thanks to everyone I met during this round of Kansas City schools. I always have a fun time in KCMO!



Day Two at Northview


Today I spent another fun day in Kansas City, at Northview Elementary—home of the Panthers! I gave three shows in their big gym (almost blowing out the speakers with my explosion sound effects) and asked loads of great questions. It’s always fun to see how many young writers are in the audience (and young filmmakers—shout out to you and your brother, Ben).


After I signed bunches of books, it was off to a pizza party with five students. They got to answer more questions without the pesky task of waiting their turns behind the rest of the school. It was great to meet you: Alana, Annalise, Ben, Kalyn, and Madeline!

Thanks to Mr. Schrag for inviting me (and for the cool Star Wars conversations). Thanks to the coaches for the use of their gym and for help setting up. Thanks to my pizza-partners for the fun lunch conversation. And a big thanks goes to all the Northview Panthers. I hope you enjoy your books and keep writing those stories!



Return to Ravenwood


I’m back in Kasas City, Missouri for a brief 3-day tour and I returned to a school I visited in 2011—Ravenwood Elementary, home of the aptly named: Ravens!

I gave two presentations for the enthusiastic Ravens, signed a bunch of books for the students and school library alike, and even got in some class pictures between shows!



Thanks to Mrs. Boekhout for inviting me back (sorry I missed you this trip). Thanks to Mrs. King for taking over and for taking photos. Thanks to Miss Harris and Coach Rule for the help setting up. And a big thanks to all the new Ravens I got to meet this trip. I hope you enjoy my books and check out all the ones from the library. Don’t forget to read my special message I left inside each one!



Two Schools Left in Kentucky


It’s my last day in Kentucky and this morning I had a fun time visiting Spottsville Elementary—home of the Panthers! We had big fun with two shows and even got in a group shot!


For the afternoon, I met up with some other big cats—the Chandler Cheetahs at Chandler Elementary! Although there were some technical issues, we got through it (thanks, Mrs. Haley and Mr. Jones), and I want all the Cheetahs to know that if they have any questions they didn’t get to ask, feel free to email me anytime (that goes for the Panthers, too)!


Thanks to Mrs. Payne and Mrs. Tompkins. Thanks to Mrs. Swanson and Mrs. Herron for inviting me back to Henderson. Thanks to Mrs. Norman for the introduction and for taking pictures. Thanks to Mrs. Clary for help with setting up. Thanks again to Mrs. Haley and Mr. Jones for help with the technical issues. And a big thanks to all the Panthers and Cheetahs! You made my last day in Kentucky (for now) a memorable one!




A Return to Kentucky


Almost a year ago, I visited half of the elementary schools in Henderson, Kentucky. This year I’m back to visit the other half! I began with Jefferson Elementary—home of the Jaguars! Having been here last year, I knew I would run into students who had changed schools and had seen my show before (and I did). But I didn’t expect to meet two sisters who I had already met when I visited their school all the way down in Crandall, Texas. Great to see you again, Kallie and Chloe!

The Jaguars were excellent audiences during both shows in the library (my favorite place in the school) and they had loads of great questions!

After departing Jefferson, I zipped over to Bend Gate Elementary to have lunch with Mrs. Williams in the library. I signed several library books and then headed off to the gym to perform two more shows for the Bend Gate Gators! They had great questions, too, and I just know that they’ll get in some reading during their upcoming spring break to become even greater Gators!

Thanks to Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Hudson for having me out. Thanks to Coach Duncan for helping set up. And a giant thanks to all the Jaguars and Gators for welcoming me back to Kentucky. It’s great to be back!




Big Fun in Little Rock!


Today I travelled up to Little Rock, Arkansas to spend the day with the great kids at Pulaski Academy! My very first school visit in Arkansas, I was greeted by a fun welcome sign and a bunch of students who already knew who I was. Mrs. Stipsky did a great job preparing for my visit and she should know, Pulaski Academy has author visits all the time.

In between some group shots, signing a few books, and a nice lunch with Mrs. Stipsky and Mr. Harris, I managed to get in three performances! I even got to play the big room with my very own sound and light tech (thanks, Mr. Ellis)!

All the Pulaski students were fun to hang out with, and every age group had great questions (especially yours, Maggie)!


Thanks to Mrs. Stipsky for inviting me out. Thanks to her and Mr. Harris for being such great hosts. Thanks again to Mr. Ellis for all the stage support. And a big thanks to all the great kids at Pulaski Academy! I hope you enjoyed my presentation and I’m sure your next visiting author will have as much fun as I did!