Jan 9


Announcing the release of my third Penguins of Madagascar book: Elite Strike Force!
I seriously enjoy writing these books because they’re action-packed, loaded with laughs, and … I get to watch all the cartoons for research! How cool is that? This marks my third POM book and my first POM comic reader.
If you’re a fan of the penguins (and who isn’t), you should also check out my other POM books: Skipper’s Log and King Julien’s Guide to Ruling the Zoo. Both are written from the characters’ points of view and (if I did my job right) you can actually hear their voices in your head as you read!

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Jan 4


With the Apple approval process shutting down for the holidays, Issue #8 (Big Red Boot Camp) ended up being a couple days late on its release. But it’s out now so be sure to check it out if you have the Clown Commandos iPhone app. And if don’t have the app (and just so happened to get an iPad or iPod Touch for Christmas, be sure to download the free comic book app HERE.
We had a great time writing and voicing this issue so please give it a go if you get a chance. And keep up to date on all Clown Commandos activity by checking out the official Facebook page, Twitter account, and Clownblog.

Jan 2


Released this week is another one of my LEGO City books—Catch That Crook! These have been great fun to write, especially since LEGO insists on including plenty of jokes, gags, and slapstick. No problem! I’m happy to comply.
And if you’ve been keeping up with Clownblog at all, you’ll know that we’ve enjoyed seeing all of our Clown Commandos characters come to life in true LEGO minifig fashion. In fact, I’m growing into a LEGO fan all over again!
If you’re a LEGO or LEGO City fan (or know of a young one who needs a new early reader) you can order a copy of Catch That Crook! below.

Aug 1


The third book released this month happens to be my second (and favorite) Green Lantern book: Web of Doom. I had a lot of fun writing this book for several reasons.
First of all, I’m a huge GL fan and have read all the comics. Second, I got to come up with my own fun story (this time, an epic space battle). And finally, because I got to use two of the new characters from the current series. I won’t give away their names but one is a Yellow Lantern and the other is an Orange Lantern (okay, so any decent GL fan knows that there’s only one orange lantern so you know who I’m talking about).
Anyway, I hope you have as much fun reading this book as I did writing it!
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Aug 1


My second book release this month is from the LEGO City series. It’s my fifth LEGO book called LEGO City: Fight this Fire! It’s an original story about a young firefighter recruit trying to figure out where he best fits in the LEGO City Fire Academy.


Aug 1



I have three books being released this month! The first book happens to be my third Chuggington book: Brewster’s Little Helper. If you have a young fan at home, he or she would enjoy this fun book filled with the same vibrant and unique art from the show.


Jun 24


Today, the Clown Commandos saga continues with the worldwide release of Clown Commandos Issue #5: Mortal Clownbat!
Scott McFadden and I are having a great time telling the story of a squad of elite soldiers from a parallel universe where clowns evolved into super soldiers. Of course, when these clowns become trapped in our universe, the don’t get the respect they’re used to because… well… they’re clowns!
If you don’t have our innovative Clown Commandos comic book app installed on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch… what are you waiting for?!!!

Mar 9


We just released the third installment of the Clown Commandos iPhone comic series. To download issue #3, simply open your CC app and navigate to the page that lists all your installed comic issues. You’ll see Issue 03 ready for download!
What? You don’t have the Clown Commandos digital comic book app for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch? The innovative action/adventure series that’s the first to feature real sound FX? Then what are you waiting for?!!
Download the free app here and see what’s going down with the clowns!
And be sure to like Clown Commandos on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.
Cover art by Diego Toro

Feb 15


Now available: The first book in a brand new book series based on the hit movies–Night of the Dragons! This is the first in a new series where Nick Daley (son of night guard, Larry Daley) embarks on his own journey through the museum, meets exciting new exhibits, and faces the biggest challenges of his life!


Jan 6


My first Green Lantern Book is now available–Green Lantern: High-Tech Terror. I was a huge GL fan as a kid and got to rediscover the current series while researching this book. Sometimes I get to read comic books for a living! How cool is that?
This book is part of the DC Super Heroes series from Stone Arch Books and was written inside the current Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps comic series continuity–but created for a younger audience. So if there are any GL fans out there who want to introduce their young readers to the fearless Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern Corps, or even the Sinestro Corps, I recommend this book as well as any others in the series.
Okay, geek time is over.


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