Feb 26


I want to thank all the 4th graders at Otis Spears Elementary! I had a fun day with you and I hope you had as good a time as I did.

I also want to wish you luck on your TAKS Writing tests. Remember what I said; just relax and try to have fun. And when you’re trying to think of what to write, try to come up with a story that you would want to read. Or think of your story as a movie and try to come up with a story that you would watch on the big screen. That’s how I come up with story ideas and it’s a great way to get excited about what you’re writing!

Thanks again and good luck. I know you all are going to be great!

Feb 22


I just finished my second day at Dr. Jack Cockrill Middle School!

I enjoyed meeting each and every one of the 7th graders and I do hope that some of my writing tips are helpful for your TAKS tests.

Don’t forget about what I told you about the dreaded… dum-dum-dum… REVISIONS!
And, like I said, feel free to write me any time with any questions. Keep reading, Cockrill Middle School! And keep writing!

Thanks for the great visit!

Feb 19


There is no better way to end my week in Oklahoma then by visiting Adams Elementary!

You all were a great group of kids, a very well-behaved audience, and asked some awesome all-star questions! Not only that, the Adams All-Stars were naturals at making the oh-so difficult giraffe sound. I just hope we didn’t make too much noise for the music classes next door. Oops!

Thanks for the great visit, Adams Elementary!

Feb 18


I had a wonderful time at Mustang Trails Elementary! You gave me a big Oklahoma welcome with a custom banner across the common area and my name right outside on the school sign!

I hope everyone remembers to put their bookmarks to good use–when they’re not inside the pages of a great book, don’t forget to use my web address to ask me any question you want! Thanks again, Mustang Trails!

Feb 17



I had an Awesome time at Buchanan Elementary! I hope you all enjoyed my visit as much as I did.

I’m also happy that Macy’s and RIF could help get each and every one of you one of my books. I was happy to sign all 400 of them! Don’t worry, I put some ice on my hand back at the hotel.

Thanks again, Buchanan Elementary!

Feb 16

I had a great time with all the kids at Nicoma Park Elementary!

I really appreciate the NPE T-shirt and all of the special applause (I think the fireworks one was my favorite).

And even though you all made some great dragon sounds, I’m glad  I didn’t run into the Library Dragon while I was there!

I’m a little scared!

Thanks again for the great visit, Nicoma Park Elementary!