Nov 19


I spent a fun day at Davis Elementary, home of the Davis Dragons! After a full presentation in the morning, we had writing workshops the rest of the day. Everyone had wonderful questions and I can’t wait to read the stories from some of those aspiring writers! Don’t forget to write me when you’re done:

Everyone at Davis should remember the four words, but those from the workshops should especially remember the easiest piece of writing advice I gave you—read! That’s right! The more you read, the better writer you become.

Thanks again for the fun day, Davis Elementary!

Nov 18


I had a fun evening presenting at the Lively Elementary PTA meeting! It was very cool meeting all the attending kids and parents. And congratulations to the kids who won my signed books! Someone even got a copy of my Shrek book, Open Centipede—a hard one to find!

A big thanks to Mrs. Dobbs for setting everything up and I hope to see you all again soon. Have a great school year, Lively Elementary!