Feb 23


Today I enjoyed a fun author visit with the Shining Stars of Starwood Montessori School! First, I enjoyed a fun tour of the school. Next, I met many of Starwood’s finest during my presentation. And finally, I finished out my visit with a special pizza party with Ms. Finnegan’s class.
It was fun hanging out with you kids and answering (between bites) more of your questions. I even met a couple of aspiring writers in the group. Like I mentioned, you’re welcome to email me any questions you like. I answer all my email and I always enjoy hearing from shining stars like yourselves. And don’t forget to check out my new Facebook Page!!!
Thanks to Ms. Finnegan for inviting me and thanks for having me out, Starwood Montessor School!


Feb 18


I just spent a fun morning at Liberty Elementary in Flower Mound, TX. I had an exciting time at both assemblies and met tons of great kids. Everyone had insightful questions, too.

However, Since I got so many questions about my Fez Monkey collection, I started thinking about featuring a Fez Monkey each month. What do you think about that, Liberty Elementary? If you see that on my website soon, it’s all because of you!

Thanks to Vicki Toothman and the PTA for inviting me. And thanks for a great morning, Liberty Elementary! Just like your motto, you really are STARS (Stellar, Talented And Respectful Students)!

Feb 15


Now available: The first book in a brand new book series based on the hit movies–Night of the Dragons! This is the first in a new series where Nick Daley (son of night guard, Larry Daley) embarks on his own journey through the museum, meets exciting new exhibits, and faces the biggest challenges of his life!