Oct 30


After returning from my San Antonio trip, I hit the ground running by attending a special Literacy Night at Como Elementary in Fort Worth, Texas! Unfortunately, I was only able to perform a much shorter version of my usual presentation. Fortunately, however, I met many wonderful students and parents who were all about reading. I chatted with several dedicated teachers and talked to kids who were well on their way to becoming voracious readers. I even met a few who enjoyed writing–students AND teachers!
Thanks to Mrs. Martin for inviting me and for being such a good host. I think she did a great job coordinating her very first author visit! And thanks to all the parents and students who attended Como Elementary’s Literacy night. And like I told many of you that night, don’t forget what Wishbone always said, “there’s nothing better than chewing on a good book!”

Oct 29


After Braun Station I made the grueling 200 meter trip over to Stevenson Middle School. There I presented two shows to a great bunch of kids and performed my first gig where there was plenty of room to walk among the crowd as I spoke–very cool! Both shows were full of enthusiastic students with some insightful questions. I had a great time!
I’d like to thank Ms. Gloria for helping me set up and Pam Gould for inviting me and for an enjoyable lunch. Not only is Ms. Gould a comic geek like me (note the cool Marvel Comics shirt), but she actually has more pets than I do! I would especially like to thank all the Stevenson Wildcats. Keep reading and keep writing those stories!


Oct 29


I began the school year down in San Antonio at Braun Station Elementary. I only performed one show at Braun and even though it was my first full-length presentation of the season, I think it went great. It helped that I had such an enthusiastic audience!
I’d like to thank Mr. Funkhouser for being such a great host (and for having such a great name) and I’d especially like to thank all the students of Braun Station Elementary. Keep reading and don’t forgot what we talked about!

Oct 27


Thanks to everyone who came out to the 7th International Book Fair! We authors had a great time and I was even able to perform a short version of my show! It was great seeing Alejandrina Drew again and meeting my other neighboring author, Karla Lee Zemler. Click their names to check out their cool books!
Be sure to check the International Book Fair website and plan to attend the 8TH International Book Fair in April. There will be more authors, more activities, and you might even see me there!
Thanks to Ronnie Jessie and the Dallas Public Library for inviting me and a big thanks to everyone who came out to visit! Keep coming back and using those library cards!