Jan 31

I ended my first week in Colorado at Foster Elementary in Arvado. Okay, first off … this is the only school I’ve visited that had it’s own set of unicycles. That’s right. I was told they have a “circus sports” activity and YES, I had to try one. And YES, Colonel Clown of the Clown Commandos would’ve given me a poor performance review. And NO, I don’t have any pictures of me on the thing. That’s all I have to say about that.
I had two fun presentations and enjoyed meeting with Mrs. Julie and Mrs. Carmen’s classes after the second show. They had tons of great questions. And yes, Gretta and Kaylee, if it comes up, I’ll see about writing your name into a book somewhere down the road.
I enjoyed a “have lunch with the author” lunch where I met the winners of a special essay contest where they wrote why they wanted to have lunch with an author. I enjoyed visiting with: Cayden, Ily, Sofia, Andrew, Isaiah, Riley, Natalia, Genesis, Olivia, Pablo, Lydia, Brooklen, Nicole, Kathleen, and Mirna. Thanks for the fun lunch, everyone!
Before and after a writing workshop, I received bunches of thank you cards from several 2nd and 3rd grade students. There were too many to post but I’ve added two: a cool glittery art piece from Hailey and a portrait of yours truly by Karla. Very cool!
Thanks to Mrs. Coverdell-Smith for inviting me and scheduling a fun, action-packed day. Thanks to Mrs. Chumachero for setting up all the equipment for my shows. And a big thanks to all the Foster Elementary Roadrunners. I look forward to reading each and every one of your cards!

Jan 30

My third day had me at Mount Carbon Elementary in Littleton–home of the Mount Carbon Miners! After meeting several of the students, and a couple of shows in the school library, I found that many of the Miners enjoy “digging into a good book,” as Wishbone often says.
One unusual thing stands out about this visit. After my last show with the 5th and 6th graders (who all made wonderful animal sounds for my song) I met a student named Allie, who could make the sound of a dolphin. I’ve met kids who could do the squeaky Flipper voice but Allie could do the clicks perfectly. It was crazy-weird but quite amazing. I heard later that she wants to be a marine biologist. Sounds about right. She already speaks the language. Go for it, Allie!
A ginormous thanks to Mrs. Simpson for inviting me out and helping get the word out to all the other schools I’m visiting these two weeks. Thanks to Mrs. Carney for pointing me to some nearby hiking trails (I went there right after school and only slipped on the snow, once). And a special thanks to all the great students at MCE!

Jan 29

I had a second great day in Littleton, Colorado today–it was turkey taco day at Westridge Elementary! I gave a show for Kinder, 1st, and 2nd and then one for 5th and 6th. And, yes, some were surprised that I got the older kids going with my silly song at the end. They performed some of the best elephant sounds to date! After some book signing and a lunch of the aforementioned turkey tacos (no, really … they were good), I was back for a show with the 3rd and 4th graders. Everyone was welcoming, energetic, and had great questions. What more could you ask for in an audience?
Thanks to Mr. Bridgman for helping me set up. Thanks to Mr. Cole for the use of his cool Crate guitar amplifier and thanks to Mrs. Martin and the Westridge PTA for inviting me out (plus a thanks to Aaron for taking the picture of Mrs. Martin and me). And one giant thanks to all the great students at Westridge Elementary. I hope you enjoy the copies of my books in your library. Be sure to thank Mrs. Martin for getting them for you!

Jan 28

I just returned from visiting the first school of my two week Denver area tour! It’s a good thing I left early this morning so I had time to scrape down the car and slug along in bad weather traffic. Snow? In Colorado? Go figure. But, of course, I received a WARM welcome (yes, I said it) from the students and staff at Kendrick Lakes Elementary, in Lakewood–home of the Dolphins! Everyone was great and the kids were able to sit through my shows (even during their second day without recess–ouch). I wish I had time to answer everyone’s questions but, like I said, you’re welcome to EMAIL ME or ask me anything you like on my FACEBOOK PAGE. Just get your parent’s permission first.
Thanks to Mr. Raizman and the Kendrick Lakes PTA for having me out. Thanks to Mr. Kenner for helping me set up. And a blustery big thanks to all the Kendrick Lake students! Mr. Raizman mentioned that he planned to order some of my books for book fair so if you’d like them signed, you’re welcome to mail them to my contact address HERE along with a SASE (ask your parents what that is) and I’ll be happy to do it! Or you can find many out of print books at Amazon through links on my BOOK PAGE. Thanks again, KLE!

Jan 17

Today I enjoyed a triumphant return to Liberty Elementary, in Flower Mound, TX! Even though the kids were there for just a half day, I tried to cram a full day of fun into my presentations. They were a lively but well-behaved audience (the best kind) and hands shot into the air when I asked if any of them enjoyed writing stories. Tons of young writers! I received some great writing questions as well as some insightful special effects questions. Maybe some future FX techs, too!
Thanks to Mrs. Hoffman, Mrs. Webb, and the rest of the Liberty PTA for inviting me (and for the cool gift bag). Thanks to Mr. Greenwell for the great introductions. Thanks to Mrs. Thompkins for the technical assist. And a big thanks to all the great kids at Liberty Elementary. Just like your T-shirts say, you ARE kind of a big deal!