Mar 17

Today I spent St. Patrick’s day at Walker Elementary—the last stop on my Crandall ISD tour! With my many flame shirts, I might have seemed out of luck when it came to showing up in proper attire. Luckily, I had a green flame shirt ready to go! Referring to my own memories of elementary school, I wasn’t taking any chances going to school without wearing green.
I had a fun time performing three more shows and again was delighted by the amount of young writers in attendance. I even met a young writer who had written (and illustrated) THREE books during the previous week of spring break. Great job James Charles!
Thanks and happy St. Patrick’s day to all the great students at Walker Elementary! Thanks to Coach Story, Mrs. Hoffman, Mrs. Roberson, Mrs. Silvey, and Mrs. Gonzales for all the help. And one more big thanks to Mrs. Dye for having me out (and for sitting through all nine of my shows). If any student in any of the Crandall schools was absent during one of my visits, just ask Mrs. Dye about it. I bet she has my show memorized by now!

Mar 16

Day two of my Crandall cruise had me at Wilson Elementary! When I entered the school, (before I was greeted by hundreds of happy students) I was greeted with all kinds of cool Star Wars decorations…throughout the entire school! Anyone who has seen my show knows that I’m a big fan. It turns out that the decorations were there as encouragements for the upcoming STAAR test. So, they were STAAR WARS decorations, as it were. Very cool!
I had another set of three fun shows and another delicious pot luck lunch with the staff. The kids were excited and the staff was welcoming—a great day two!
Thanks again to Mrs. Dye for having me out. Thanks to Mrs. Blunt, Mr. Bowie, and Mrs. Perkins for all the help. Thanks to everyone who brought food for another tasty lunch. And a big thanks to all the Wilson Elementary students themselves. Thanks for the fun day and good luck on your STAAR tests. You’re going to do great!

Mar 15

Today was my first day of my short tour of Crandall ISD, beginning with…Martin Elementary in Crandall, TX! I had a fun time performing for all the students and everyone had big energy, insightful questions, and loud pig snorts, duck quacks, and dragon roars! Since the gym was so close to the front of the school, I hope they didn’t scare away the office staff and visitors!
Thanks to Mrs. Dye for inviting me. Thanks to Coach West, Mr. Van Winkle (fellow Eagle Scout), and Mrs. Ferguson for all your help. Thanks to all the teachers and staff members who provided the tasty lunch; everything was delicious! And a big thanks to all the Martin Elementary students. I hope I made for a fun day at school after your spring break!

Mar 3

Today, my impromptu Read Across America Week tour had me at Washington Elementary in Green River, Wyoming! I was greeted with loads of cool welcome signs (I hear everyone in the school had a hand in making them), as well as a bunch of costumed characters from great books! Today was come as your favorite author or book character day. I saw Laura Ingalls, Thing 1 and Thing 2, and even a Jedi padawan!
Marlee and Me! Marlee is the one dressed as Cindy Lou Who from How the Grinch Stole Christmas (spoiler alert: Marlee has an empty water bottle holding up her towering hairdo!).
Today’s school appearance was also special because Mrs. Baker had already introduced everyone to one of my all time favorite projects—Wishbone! Remember, if you want to check out one of the episodes I co-wrote (as well as one that contains my brief cameo) you can find it HERE.
Thanks to Mrs. Baker for inviting me and a big thanks to all the kids from Washington Elementary. Good luck on your upcoming PAWS test and I hope you enjoy the special messages I left for you!

Mar 2

My very first school in Idaho was actually four schools in one! I spent time with all the great kids of Driggs Elmentary, Victor Elementary, Tetonia Elementary, and Rendezvous Upper Elementary! The gym was packed full of all the K-3rd graders for my first show and they really brought down the house! The 4th and 5th grade audience wasn’t quite as big but we had just as much fun!
For Lunch, Mrs. Bybee took me and two students out for Pizza! Leo and Whalen cashed in points on their Triple R cards (respectful, responsible, and ready) for a lunch with the principal and got me to tag along! It was great getting to know you guys.
After lunch, I gave two writing workshops to all the 5th graders where I had time to answer all of their writing questions that they couldn’t get out during the show. Remember, if anyone has more questions, they can always email me HERE.
Thanks to Mrs. Bybee for inviting me and setting everything up. Thanks to Mr. Starky for the tech support. Thanks to Mrs. Nelson for taking pictures (and the other teacher—I’m sorry I didn’t get your name). And a big thanks to all four schools for making my first trip to Idaho an exciting one!