Feb 23


I felt very welcomed as soon as I pulled up to Weber Elementary because my name was flashing on their big electronic marque! After passing another welcome banner inside and then heading into the gym, I gave two big shows to two big crowds (I think they might have heard us all the way back at my last school in Elgin). The Weber All-Stars certainly showed me how they got that name!

After a quick pose with Mrs. Henry’s 4th grade class (pleasure to meet all of you), I signed a bunch of books for the school library AND for many students and teachers themselves!

Thanks to Mrs. Baccaro for having me out. Thanks to Mr. Santana and Mrs. Lamont for helping me set up. And a big thanks to all the Weber All-Stars. Be sure to check out some of my books in the library and then let me know what you think!


Feb 22


Today I visited Elgin Elementary–home of the Wildcats–in Elgin, TX! I performed three shows for all the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. I signed a few books for the library. I answered several prewritten questions from some of the students. And I even posed for some class pictures with the 3rd graders!

The highlight was when I ate lunch with the 3rd grade UIL Storytelling group and some of the 4th grade Oral Reading group. I learned all about their competitions and even threw in some public speaking tips where I could. It was fun chatting with you: Adriana, Antonyo, Bianca, Brooklyn, Cayli, Madison, Michael, and Sophia!


Thanks to Mrs. Rawson for inviting me and pulling everything together amid a power loss, departing field trip, and fire drill! Thanks to Mrs. Willey for letting me meet your group (good luck, everyone!). And a big thanks to all the Elgin Wildcats. You gave me a Texas-sized welcome back to the state!


Feb 17


My final day in this short Colorado trip had me in Littleton at Governor’s Ranch Elementary—home of the Raccoons! I was greeted with welcome banners, a welcome on the school kiosk, and cool LEGO minifig pictures plastered up and down the hallways in honor of my LEGO City books. It was an overwhelming welcome!


I performed two shows for the entire school and was pleasantly surprised when Mrs. Fredrick (from Hawaii) welcomed me further by giving me a special lei…full of candy. What a nice surprise!

Thanks to Mrs. Higgins for having me out and for the gift card (very generous). Thanks to Mrs. Brinkman for the technical support. Thanks again to Mrs. Fredrick for the Hawaiian candy lei. And thanks to all the rockin’ Raccoons for making today a fun end to my latest Colorado visit!


Feb 16


Today, I enjoyed my second day in Colorado at DeVinny Elementary—home of the noble Knights! They were jam-packed into the library but I got to see the entire school in four fun shows!

During lunch, I signed a bunch of books for students as well as many for the library itself. I hope all the Knights get to check out my books. Thanks to Mrs. Wagner there are many to choose from!

I had to congratulate James on his cool dragon sculpture. Yes, that’s a dryer vent—extremely creative!

Thanks to Mrs. Wagner for having me out. Thanks to Mrs. Karrington for all her help. Thanks to Mrs. Peachey, Mrs. Snow, and Mrs. Robinson’s classes for all the great questions they wrote to me. And the biggest thanks to all the DeVinny Knights! I hope you had as much fun as I did and you enjoy my books in your library!


Feb 15


Today I began a new Colorado tour in lovely Golden, Colorado–at Fairmount Elementary, home of the Firebirds! I arrived to see a cool welcome banner from the kids as well as a display showing many factoids about my life. Nice preparation!

I gave four presentations today and Mrs. Johnson gave out my bookmarks after every show. I expect some Firebirds will be firing questions at me through my website!

Between shows, I spent time signing copies of many books brought in by the students themselves. There were some of my earliest works in there, too. I hope everyone enjoys reading them!

For lunch, I enjoyed a pizza party with 14 students (2 from each grade) who had their names chosen in a drawing. We enjoyed a detailed discussion and I even got some questions I’ve never had before! Nice meeting you: Ashleigh, Cailyn, Charles, Ethan C., Ethan O., Ian, Jack, Jayden, Julia, Lucas, Nathan, Sebastian, Sterling, and Violet!

Thanks to Mrs. Johnson for having me out. Thanks to her again and to Ms. Suzie for the excellent student preparation and displays–way to go! Thanks to all of my lunch buddies for the enjoyable company and insightful questions. And a big thanks to ALL of the Fairmount Firebirds for getting my latest Colorado visit off to a roaring start!


Feb 10


My week-long visit of Nacogdoches ISD ended at Fredonia Elementary! I gave two performances and the Fredonia students were just like all the other kids I met all week: enthusiastic, courteous, and loaded with great questions!

After my last show, I met with some other students and had another book-signing. Great to meet you, everyone. I hope you enjoy my book!

Thanks to Mrs. Rameriz and Mrs. Ward for having me out (and for the wonderful gift bag). After driving home, I had a Fredonia email and Facebook message waiting for me. So thanks for writing, Abryee & Michael! And a big thanks to all the great kids at Fredonia Elementary! You were quite the grand finale for a fun week in Nacogdoches, Texas!

In fact, another thanks to ALL the students I met in Nacogdoches ISD. I hope you writers keep writing…you readers keep reading…and you ALL remember the FOUR WORDS!



Feb 9


Today at Thomas J. Rusk Academy of Fine Arts (TJR for short), I was greeted with fine art indeed. The entire stage was covered with banners and posters welcoming me and giving out some encouraging phrases–and not only my own! There was so much art, I don’t have room to post it all! There was even a list of questions for me (which they all remembered to ask) including one I’ve never gotten before about my favorite font. Good one, Maren!


Here with one of TJR’s young artists. I got to sign Elia’s wonderful drawing of me. Like I told her, she’s very talented and has a keen eye for great subject matter!

After three shows for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders, I signed a bunch of books (and some more of their talented artwork), I had lunch, and then I met with some of the book club kids for even more questions. They had been thinking of them a long time before I arrived and it showed.

I even got a look at Zolan’s graphic novels. He’s very talented and he gave me an autographed copy of one of his drawings. Very cool!

Thanks to Mrs. Colgan for having me out. Thanks to Kayla for the welcome note. Thanks again to Maren for the great question (I can’t wait to see your books in bookstores). Thanks to Zolan for the drawing (I’m ready to see your comic books in bookstores, too). Thanks Elia, and all the other young artists who created such welcoming artwork. And a big thanks to all the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders at TJR. You were more than welcoming with all of your fine art!


Feb 8

Today I enjoyed a great time at Brooks-Quinn-Jones Elementary (AKA BQJ)! I gave two performances in front of the big screen in the cafeteria with two enthusiastic crowds. After one of the shows, I even got to browse a couple of stories from one of the young BQJ writers. They were “Zombie in the Closet” and “Hippo on the Airplane.” Creative stuff. Keep writing, Kennedi!

After signing bunches of books, I had a pizza party with the winners and honorable mentions of the drawing contest. Some talented work decorated the library, and I hear that they will soon come up with stories do go with those drawings! Great job: Alicia, Chloe, Davion, Dillon, Eduardo, Isabelle, Jennifer, Kelsy, Kiran, Raven, and Ximena!

Before I performed my last show in the library, I was interviewed on-camera by KETK. It’s a good thing the interview snuck up on me so I didn’t have a chance to be anxious. Oddly enough, I can make pig oinks (with the face to match) in front of hundreds of students but interviews make me nervous.

Thanks to Mrs. Sanders for having me out. Thanks to Coach Jones for the technical support (and The Time reference). Thanks to Ms. Stephanie and Ms. Courtney for all the help (good luck with the guitar, Stephanie). And a big thanks to all the young readers and writers at BQJ! I hope someday to read some of those books, stories, and comic books I heard so much about!


Feb 7

Today I visited two fun schools in one day! This morning I had the pleasure of meeting all the great kids at Emeline Carpenter Elementary. It was picture day so I wasn’t the only one dressed up!

I performed two shows in the gym where Mrs. Cassie and Ms. Ella signed along during my shows. I talk fast so I hope they weren’t too worn out afterward.

After my presentations it was off to the library to sign a bunch more Night of the Dragons books. I hope everyone enjoys them!

After lunch, I zipped over to Nettie Marshall Academy of Dual Language where they were celebrating their 100th day of school. I performed in the gym and then over on the main stage in the cafeteria. Before both shows, two students, Jiletsi and Izaiden were brave enough to give my introduction in front of the entire school!

Thanks to Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Flores for having me out. Thanks again to Mrs. Taylor for setting everything up (great to finally meet you after all the emailing). Thanks to Coach Chatman and Mr. K (sounds like the name of a funk band from the 70s) for all the technical support. Thanks again to Mrs. Cassie and Ms. Ella for translating. Thanks again to Jiletsi and Izaiden for the introductions (you did great!). And the biggest thanks of all goes to all the wonderful students at Carpenter and Nettie Marshall. Have fun at your upcoming book fairs and pick up some more brain food—you know, books!



Feb 6


Today I began my week-long NISD tour at Raguet Elementary, in Nacogdoches, TX! I performed three shows and the students were courteous, friendly, and welcoming!

There were book signings after every show, too! Several Raguet students got a copy of my Night of the Dragons book, which is fitting since all of Nacogdoches ISD are the Dragons! Hence, I won’t call out everyone’s mascot this week. However, this does explain why everyone’s dragon roars were top notch. I’m going to need a hearing aid by the end of the week!


Thanks to Mrs. Herson-Green for having me out, for lunch, and dining conversation. Thanks to Mrs. Cole for help setting up. And a big thanks to each and every Raquet Elementary student. Your school was a great start for my week in Nacogdoches!