Apr 26

My last stop at Hamburg ISD was at Hamburg Middle School!

I began the day with a writing workshop for Mrs. Ström’s 6th Grade Pre-AP English class. I hope everyone enjoyed my writing tips and I thoroughly enjoyed answering your insightful questions!

After that, I presented to the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders in their huge gym. It was a new kind of venue for me, putting me up close and personal with the front row while my slides were projected on a big screen on the gym floor. Plus, I strolled the length of the gym several times so I could address everyone in the school!

After lunch, I gave another workshop for Mrs. Gill’s creative writing class. Again, more great questions AND I got to see Joesy’s excellent artwork.

Thanks to Ms. Gill and Mrs. Ström for having me out. Thanks to Eric for the guide services through the school. Thanks to Alyssa for being the first to email me with more questions (and the attached selfie). And a big thanks to all the great HMS students I met today. Remember those four words!

Apr 25

For the last Arkansas tour of the school year, I’m visiting three great schools in Hamburg ISD!

I began today at Portland Elementary and had an exciting time on the big stage for my single, school-wide show. And yes, there was the flinging of the fish for the younger ones…

After the presentation, I got to meet several students and even pose with every class!

After lunch, a quick trip took me to Noble/Allbritton Elementary where I was treading the boards once again in front of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders!

I posed for some more photos, met Henry the library hedgehog, and signed some bookplates (I would’ve signed some of my books for the library but they were all checked out!).

Thanks to Mrs. Sabbatini and Mrs. Cossey for having me out. Thanks to Mrs. Cooley for the technical support. And a big thanks to all the great kids at Portland and Nobel/Allbritton elementary schools. I hope you enjoyed my visit and don’t forget to keep those questions coming!

Apr 12

Today I spent the day in Winnie, Texas visiting both East Chambers Elementary and East Chambers Primary—homes of the Buccaneers!

I had a great time with everyone and posed for tons of photos between presentations!

Also between shows, I signed 175 copies of my Scooby Doo book: Monster Mutt Madness, most of which were dog-eared, so to speak, for each and every East Chambers 3rd grader!

After lunch, I performed two shows in East Chambers Primary’s library and met more great Buccaneers!

Thanks to Mrs. Burrell and Mrs. Bordeaux for writing the grant to have me out. Thanks to Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. East for the use of their libraries. Thanks to Ryo and Trevor for the tech support.

And the biggest thanks of all goes to the Buccaneers themselves! I hope you enjoy my Scooby Doo books, I look forward to reading some of your stories, and I hope to see you all again real soon!

Apr 11

Today I returned to Richmond, TX to visit the Wranglers at Williams Elementary!

I performed three shows, met all the Wranglers, and even signed a few library books. Don’t worry, they were books I’d written—that would be weird just signing random library books. I wouldn’t be invited back!

Cool library mural, right?

I got a special treat when I got to meet Mrs. Durham. She’s a 2nd Grade ELA teacher who had me sign the first chapter book she had ever read—the novelization of my Wishbone movie! Very cool!

Thanks to Mrs. Smith for having me out. Thanks to Mrs. Lucky for inviting me (sorry I didn’t get to meet you; get well soon). Thanks to the Lamar Educational Awards Foundation for making my visit possible. Thanks to Carmen for the paper flower. Thanks to What-a-Hat in Tennessee for the cool, new Santana straw. And the biggest thanks of all goes to all the William Wranglers! I hope you enjoy my books and I’ll keep an eye out for you further down the trail!

UPDATE: Once I returned home, I received a thoughtful thank-you card from Mrs. Smith and all the wonderful Williams students. Very cool!

Apr 2

My last school of my latest North Carolina tour ended at Woodfin Elementary!

I gave two presentations, signed a bunch of books for the school library, and gave a writing workshop for the 3rd and 4th graders!

I hope everyone remembers my writing tips and a thanks goes to Evra for the use of her name.

I was also lucky enough to be present (and wearing a blue shirt) for World Autism Awareness Day!

Thanks to Mrs. Lunsford for inviting me. Thanks to Mrs. Wright for the generous lunch setup. And thanks to all the great kids at Woodfin Elementary. Everyone was welcoming, friendly, and made for the perfect last stop during my latest trip to North Carolina!

Apr 1

Today I spent the day at Hazelwood Elementary—home of the Plott Hounds!

I was greeted with cool welcome banners and even cooler greeters/guides, Maddie & Maddison!

After two fun shows in the school library, I signed a bunch of books, and then enjoyed a luncheon with several young writers whose essays won them the opportunity to have lunch with you-know-who!

It was great meeting you: Alex, Ariana, Lilly, Maddie, Madison, and Naomi. And get well soon, Alex.

After lunch, I visited the big readers in Ms. Smith’s 4th grade class for a fun writing workshop. I hope you like my writing tips, and I can’t wait to read what you come up with!

Thanks to Mrs. Pope and Mrs. Clarke for having me out (be sure to thank your TGI Fridays connection for lunch). And a big thanks to all the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders for such a fun day. I hope you enjoy my books and you all have fun at your Battle of the Books party!