Apr 8

I spent my second day in Tennessee at Donelson Elementary, home of the Bulldogs! I got to perform all four of my presentations in their huge library. It’s also worth noting that this is the first library I’ve visited that included an actual book vending machine. What?!

Thanks to Mrs. Atkins and the Donelson PTA for the tasty lunch that I got to enjoy with Caelyn, Cara, Emma, Liyana, Maya, Parker, and Rishita.

After lunch Mrs. Parker showed me the creatively-decorated 4th grade classrooms, one of which sported a cool surf shop! Can you tell which one was my favorite?

Thanks to Mrs. Parker and the Donelson PTA for having me out (and for another generous gift bag). Thanks to Mrs. Hoselton for all the help (I hope you enjoy the book, Hudson!) But the biggest thanks of all goes to all the Donelson Bulldogs! Keep reading and remember those four words!

Apr 7

Today I finally visited two schools in Arlington, Tennessee, that were almost three years in the making. After a couple of postponements (one of which being because of a little thing called the Pandemic), I began with Arlington Elementary! Not only did they furnish me with my own personal parking spot, but they also welcomed me with this cool backdrop for my presentations.

Excellent work by Mrs. Perdue, based on my Night at the Museum: Night of the Dragons book. Note the top dragon based on movie film while the bottom one is made from book pages. Very creative!

I performed four shows and signed tons of books between each one. Even though there were a couple of technical issues, Mr. Overby was there to save the day!

Thanks to Mrs. Gerhardt for keeping in touch with me through the years and finally having me out (along with the Arlington Elementary PTA) and for the generous gift bag! Thanks to Kellen and Collin for the 5th grade introductions—good job guys. Thanks to the coaches for the use of the gym (let me know who finally won the burping contest). And the biggest thanks to all the Arlington Elementary Tigers! I hope you enjoy reading all the books I signed for you. And remember, I’m always making more!

Here I am sporting my Arlington T-shirt back on the ranch!

Apr 1

I had another repeat visit in Plano, TX today. This time at Barksdale Elementary—home of the Broncos! I got to meet Mrs. Edwards again and perform in her wonderful library. But this time, I wasn’t alone! Since I enjoy writing for many different super heroes, I had a few of them to keep me company througout the day!

Thanks to Mrs. Shamburger and the Barksdale PTA for having me out. Thanks again to Mrs. Edwards for the use of the library. Thanks to Batman and both Wonderwomen for being great bodyguards as I signed books. And a big thanks to all the great Barksdale Broncos! I hope you enjoy my books!