May 14

Today was another fun day in Houston, TX at Metzler Elementary–home of the Huskies! I performed for all of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders, signed a bunch of books, and leaned that Metzler is just full of young writers. How cool is that?
During my stay at Metzler, I had some special helpers for the day–the Husky Paws! Thanks: Araceli, Bailey, Della, Madison, Noah, and Skylar!
Thanks to Mrs. Mohalley for having me out, for the great lunch, all the snacks, and for my own personal parking space. Thanks to some of the Paws for taking pictures. And thanks to all of the Huskies for making a memorable day. I hope you enjoy the books I signed. And with so many young writers, I may get to read your books someday!

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