Jan 26

Today I was all over Brush, Colorado where I began my day at Thomson Primary! There was an early morning sea of tiny faces smiling back at me and it was a grand way to kick-start a cold Colorado day!
My next stop was Beaver Valley Elementary! After a brief award ceremony (nothing to do with me; I was just the headliner), I performed for all the 3rd – 6th graders. They were loaded with energy and a ton of great questions!
My final stop was at the East Morgan County Library where I performed for kids and parents alike. I even met some students from my first two shows, where a couple said some of my lines the same time I did. It was like playing a greatest hits tour!
Thanks to Mrs. Alwin for inviting me and setting everything up. Thanks to Christi Bellis and everyone at the East Morgan County Library for prepping for my evening event. Thanks to Trevor and Mr. Acosta for my tech support for the day. And a big thanks to all the Brush, CO kids! It was great hanging out with you (some even twice) and I hope to make it back to your fun state very soon!

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