Apr 21

Today I began the last day of my first Henderson, Kentucky visit at South Heights Elementary—home of the Dolphins! I performed in front of two gigantic enthusiastic crowds. The first session with the Kinder, 1st, and 2nd graders was loads of fun and they made some incredible animal noises at the end (as part of my song, at my coxing, mind you). The primary kids don’t just do that for no reason…as far as I know.
We began the second session a little early so I had time to field extra questions from all the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. They had tons of questions and really kept me on my toes by asking me not one, not two, but three insightful questions I’ve never been asked before. A new record!
After a brief lunch of some delicious Kentucky BBQ (thanks Mrs. Swanson and Mrs. Herron), we swung over to Cairo Elementary—home of the Owls! The entire school was decorated with a superhero theme. There were superhero art projects, life-size stand-ups, superhero I.D.s, and even a dark cityscape mural.
But right off the bat, I got to meet the winners of an art contest where I was allowed to sign their piece. And now it’s going to be hung in the school library. Fantastic job, Avery and Brooklyn!
After each of my shows at Cairo, all of the students wore Batman masks for a posed picture with me (I got one, too!). However, Instead of saying “cheese,” I made sure everyone used their best Christian Bale, over-the-top, gravelly voice to say, “I’m Batman.” Okay, that was mainly for my own amusement. Pretty funny having over a hundred kids doing that at the same time.
Thanks to Mrs. Overton for having me out to South Heights. Thanks to Mrs. Whitson for having me over at Cairo. Thanks to Mr. Powers and Miss Jill for all the tech support. Thanks again to Mrs. Herron for driving me all over Henderson, taking pictures, and listening to my show eight times in a row. Another big thanks to Mrs. Swanson and Henderson County Schools for inviting me to all your great campuses. And a super-big thanks to all the South Heights Dolphins and Cairo Owls! You all helped make a memorable last day for my first trip to Kentucky!

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