Mar 1


In 2015 I enjoyed a trip to Victoria, TX to visit Field Elementary. Only two years later I came back to enjoy a short tour of Victoria ISD beginning with Smith Elementary—home of the Eagles! I performed two morning shows in the gym and met a school full of young writers! It was a warm day but the gym was cooled off by the biggest ceiling fan I had ever seen (forgot to get a picture). Needless to say, the Eagles weren’t as impressed with the special effects wind machine I feature during my show.

After I signed a bunch of Eagles’ books (I hope you enjoy them, everyone), I had a nice Mexican meal with Mrs. Lara, and then it was off to DeLeon Elementary—home of the Dragons!

No mega-fan here but with all the doors open, it was almost like performing outside—a first for me! The Dragons were welcoming and had the dragon roar down to an art (of course). I had to cover my ears for the last one!

Thanks to Mrs. Lara and Mrs. Ahrens for having me out. Thanks to Mrs. Bagnall, Coach Armstrong, and Coach Woz for helping with the setup. Thanks to James for the escort to the 1st grade building. Thanks to young filmmaker Ean for sharing some of his work. Great job, Ean. Very impressive! And the biggest thanks of all goes to the Eagles and Dragons themselves. Remember those four words and you’re bound to soar high!



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