Mar 30


Today I spent another fun day in Kansas City, at Northview Elementary—home of the Panthers! I gave three shows in their big gym (almost blowing out the speakers with my explosion sound effects) and asked loads of great questions. It’s always fun to see how many young writers are in the audience (and young filmmakers—shout out to you and your brother, Ben).


After I signed bunches of books, it was off to a pizza party with five students. They got to answer more questions without the pesky task of waiting their turns behind the rest of the school. It was great to meet you: Alana, Annalise, Ben, Kalyn, and Madeline!

Thanks to Mr. Schrag for inviting me (and for the cool Star Wars conversations). Thanks to the coaches for the use of their gym and for help setting up. Thanks to my pizza-partners for the fun lunch conversation. And a big thanks goes to all the Northview Panthers. I hope you enjoy your books and keep writing those stories!


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