Apr 12


I spent a fun day with the Lil’ Texans at Clara Love Elementary, in Justin, Texas! I enjoyed meeting everyone, performing three big shows, and signing bunches of books for many students AND the school library. I hope you enjoy the books, Will!

I also enjoyed seeing the library’s incubator with six eggs—of which…I forgot to get a photo. It’s okay though, because even though they were scheduled to hatch that day, they hadn’t before I left. So…just picture six eggs and you get the picture, so to speak.

Either way, I loved my time at Love Elementary and I want to thank Mrs. Kosek for inviting me and taking pictures. I also want to thank all the Lil’ Texans who brought books and sang along during my shows. And I hope all of you get to check out one of my many books Mrs. Kosek got for the library. I signed each and every one and even added reminders in some to remember four special words…


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