Feb 27


Today I began the morning at Greenwood Forest Elementary—home of the Grizzly Bears! I gave two back-to-back shows for all the 1st through 5th graders and we brought down the cafeteria!

I was in and out quick, but it was fun meeting you and answering your questions!

Thanks to Mrs. Hall and Mrs. Schneider for all the help and the introductions. And a big thanks to all the great Grizzly Bears! Don’t forget what I said about sending me more questions!

After leaving my new friends at Greenwood Forest, I zipped over to Mittelstädt Elementary to have lunch and meet the Mittelstädt Patriots! As it turns out, my elementary school (Russell Elementary) were the Patriots, too! Don’t believe me? Check it out HERE!

Before my presentations, I got to hang out with Max, the cool library rabbit!

Thanks to Mrs. Bullen for having me out, to Mrs. Ledbetter for all the help, to Max for being all rabbity-cute-and-cuddly…and a big thanks goes to all the Mittelstädt Patriots! Get to the library and chew on a good book (as Wishbone would say), and keep Max company as he chews on a carrot stick!


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