Apr 26


Today I was back in Fort Bend ISD, Missouri City to be precise, to spend the day with the Sienna Crossing Navigators! My first time at the school, I throughly enjoyed the murals painted, not just the library walls, but on the hallways as well!

I performed a show in the cafeteria, then zipped over to the gym for the next. Both venues were packed full of enthusiastic young readers!


After lunch and some more storybook art appreciation, I finished the day with another show in the cafeteria—or a caf show, I call it a caf show!

Thanks to Mrs. Maresca for inviting me out and for lunch. Thanks to Mrs. Mize for all the tech help. Thanks to all the students who created the cool welcome banners. Great meeting Mr. Hall—the big Wishbone fan. And thanks to all the wonderful Sienna Crossing students for a fun-filled day!

Until next time, see you later, Navigators!

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