Dec 6


After lunch on Tuesday, I followed Mrs. Boekhout over to her other school, Ravenwood Elementary, also in Kansas City. Although Ravenwood is K-5th grade, I still just presented to Kinder and 1st. The Ravenwood students were equally as enthusiastic and I enjoyed giving my performance in a quiet corner of the library (although it wasn’t so quite after I was through with them).
During both shows, there were hearing impaired students in the audience so I had interpreters signing my shows. I should have warned them that I talk fast because I have so much cool stuff to talk about in just a short amount of time. In fact, during my last show, I think I went through a few interpreters. I don’t know if they got tired or just had someplace else to be but I saw a few of them trade places by the time I was finished.
Thanks again to Mrs. Boekhout for being such a great host and setting up two schools for successful author visits. And thanks to all the interpreters, Cheryl, Mary, and the other two I didn’t get a chance to meet. I hope your hands aren’t too tired after signing my show!

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