Dec 9


The last day of my Fall Kansas City tour found me at Gracemor Elementary — home of the Crusaders! I was greeted with the cool banner above and after my first show, assistant principal Julie Badders was kind enough to take me on a quarter mile tour of their huge school. And with a mascot like the Crusaders, how cool is it that they have suits of armor in the hallways?!!

I was lucky enough to have lunch with a second grader named Robert who traded in his good behavior tickets to have lunch with the principal. The principal wasn’t available but he had lunch with me, Mrs. Badders and Mrs. Ziehm the library media specialist instead! We had a nice time and talked about my fun trip to Kansas City (my fourth so far).
For the rest of my shows, all of the students were very energetic and ready to learn about new things. Mrs. Boehmer’s fourth grade class even had questions written out before they got to the show. I tried to answer as many as I could while they were there!
Thanks to all the Gracemor Elementary Crusaders for being such a wonderful audience and thanks to Mrs. Badders for the fun tour. I’d also like to thank Mrs. Ziehm for inviting me and making my last stop in Kansas City such an enjoyable one. And an extra special thanks to all of Second Grade who made me a nice thank you card and wrote me the huge letter below. Click it so you can see how all the students even signed it. Very cool!


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