Jun 28


During this summer break, I thought I’d take the time to address a question I constantly receive during my school and library visits…
Okay, for those of you who’ve seen my show, you know that I include two clips of me on TV: one showing my Chihuahuas and me on an episode of Barney & Friends while the other has me playing a very small part on one of the episodes of Wishbone that I co-wrote.

Many kids ask where they can watch and/or buy these episodes. Well, to answer those questions … I just discovered that my “big” Barney scene is included on the DVD, Barney: Furry Friends.

Now, my Wishbone episode is not yet available for sale. But you can still watch it thanks to whoever posted it to Youtube!
I’ve embedded the entire episode below. The quality isn’t the best but you can check out my very brief scene in Part 3. Don’t blink or you might miss it!





Dec 2

For all the Wishbone fans out there, Joey Stewart (1st AD on the show) recently posted some videos usually not seen by the public. They were made for the cast and crew and shown during the wrap parties. The producers seemed to get most everyone on camera so if you know anyone who worked on the show, keep an eye out for them. You can even catch a glimpse of me a couple of times.

Here are the links. Enjoy!

The Visual FX of Wishbone

Working On The Bone

Blooper Reel

Behind The Scenes