Apr 26

Sunset Ridge Elementary
After a postponement due to snow, I finally enjoyed my fifth trip to Kansas to visit a couple of great schools in Overland Park! My first stop was at Sunset Ridge Elementary. The students must’ve heard about my hat collecting since they helped put together a hat-tastic welcome banner. Even Mrs. Wagner the librarian sported her black fedora in my honor.
I gave two presentations to a very enthusiastic Kinder, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders. But my day didn’t end there. After lunch I gave two writing workshops to half of the 4th and 5th graders. Just half, you say? That’s because I had to come back the next morning to give workshops to the other half. I enjoy what I do, but I need to rest a bit after an exciting day like that!
Thanks to Mrs. Helvey for inviting me and to Mrs. Wagner for helping me set up and for letting me use her library. And a big thanks to all the great readers and future writers at Sunset Ridge Elementary!
Blue River Elementary
After a morning of writing workshops at Sunset Ridge, I zipped over to Blue River Elementary for a tasty school lunch. It was during lunch that one of the students let slip that everyone had prepared a special surprise for me. It seems that they, too had learned about my hat addiction and all of the students fashioned their own hats in my honor. Each of them was labeled with my nickname, “Ant.” It looks like I have minions!
I was kept busy before and after my two presentations because I had to sign bunches of books–many of the students had ordered copies of LEGO City, Word Girl, and Penguins of Madagascar books!
Thanks to Mrs. Ward for having me out and for all the help setting up. And a final hat’s off to the students of Blue River Elementary! I hope you enjoy your books. And if you didn’t get a copy, I happen to know that Mrs. Ward had me sign some for the school library, too. Check them out before school’s out!

Apr 17

BF Kitchen Elementary
I left Texas in the spring and felt like I traveled back in time to the dead of winter when I arrived in Loveland, Colorado! Even though, I arrived in the middle of a snow storm, I had a warm welcome from the students and faculty at BF Kitchen Elementary. There was a lovely banner for me in the library and Mrs. Askham had tons of cool bookmarks for me to sign. During both shows, I received many insightful questions and discovered that there were many young writers in the school–keep writing, Eli!
Thanks to Mrs. Askham for the use of the library and to Mr. Blick for helping set up for my show. A big thanks to Mrs. Endres for inviting me and a super-big thanks to all the great students at BFK!
Ponderosa Elementary
After lunch with Mrs. Endres, I zipped over to Ponderosa Elementary–home of the Pandas! I gave two shows to a packed gym then got a chance to answer even more questions from Mrs. Midgett’s class. Not only did they have some great questions about writing but also about special effects, too!
Thanks to Mr. King for helping me set up and for all his support through some technical difficulties. Thanks to Mrs. Midgett for inviting me and for letting me spend some extra time with her class–I hope you enjoy the King Julien book. Don’t let Mrs. Midgett keep it all to herself!
Family Literacy Night
My day didn’t end there, after a quick trip to the hotel to freshen up, I zipped over to Namaqua Elementary for the district’s Family Literacy Night. There I put on my show for parents and students alike. I made sure the kids moved down to the front row because the show is really for them (even though I think the parents were eavesdropping).
After my show, I signed some books and gave a brief workshop to some students who seemed eager to learn about writing. I’m glad you got a chance to look at my TV and movie scripts up close and I hope you keep reading AND writing!
Thanks to all the Literacy board (Jessica, Pam, Barb, Barb, and Connie) for inviting me and for a lovely dinner the night before. Thanks to Mr. Beuke for the use of his school and a big thanks to all the kids and parents who braved a snowy night to see my show.
Stansberry Elementary http://www.stansberryelementary.org
My final day in this winter wonderland found me at Stansberry Elementary. I was a little late because I forgot to allow time to de-ice my car (did I mentioned that I came from 85º weather?). When I did arrive, I was delighted to see that everyone had dressed up for my appearance. But then I found out that it was school picture day instead. Still, I had a fun time giving two presentations. I went without the mic for the first show. But after my voice squeaked on the higher notes, I opted for a little help front the PA system during the second show. All those presentations and cold weather really add up.
Thanks to Mrs. McGee for having me out and to Mr. Blee for helping me set up (don’t worry; no one touched the screen). And a super-dee-duper thanks (as Barney would say) to all the smartly-dressed students of Stansberry Elementary!
And another big thanks to the Literacy board for inviting me to Colorado! Unfortunately, my drive out looked a lot like my drive in. I hear that you have some beautiful mountains around here someplace. I can’t wait to come back so I can catch a glimpse of them!