Sep 1

naked brothers band book coverAll right, get your minds out of the gutters … released today, is the first of four books I’ve written for the Naked Brothers Band, entitled The Making of the Naked Brothers Band. It’s full of fun facts about the characters and episodes of the popular Nickelodeon series.

The title of the show (and book) may make the kids snicker but there’s nothing for parents to worry about; the brothers aren’t really naked. They’re just your basic eight and eleven year-old rock stars named Nat and Alex Wolff. The series itself is a pseudo reality show that follows the lives of the brothers and the rest of the band. It’s a fun show where younger brother, Alex gets the laughs while older brother, Nat almost gets the girl.

The Making of the Naked Brothers Band has stats about each band member, episode breakdowns, band trivia, fun quizzes, and even song lyrics. It’s written from a fan’s perspective so a true fan of the show should enjoy it. And if you haven’t seen the show, it will tell you what all this naked brothers business is about.