Apr 28

Four years ago, I was the special guest at the Lee’s Summit School District Young Author Conference. Today I was back in the district for the same thing but first…a visit to Trailridge Elementary in Lee’s Summit, MO—home of the Timberwolves!
I had an exciting time during both of my presentations and enjoyed meeting Trailridge’s winning authors and illustrators from the 4th, 5th, and 6th grade. Congratulations Abbi, Ellie, Grant, Harper, Jayden, Kenzie, Miles, Nya, Shanielle, and Sophie!
That evening, I returned for the conference to find the school decorated as a winter wonderland for the theme. After all the district winners and their families arrived (from all over Lee’s Summit’s eighteen elementary schools), I gave a brief performance and was fortunate to congratulate each and every winning author and illustrator. I even signed many of their published collections after the show. Congratulations, everyone!
Thanks to Mrs. Shipman and Mrs. Brown for inviting me. Thanks to Mrs. Kevurn for lunch and all her help. Thanks to Violet and Danica for the Christmas book! Thanks to Mr. Barnes for a very cool Eagle Scout coin, “from one Eagle Scout to another.” Thanks to all the Trailridge staff members for their tons of hard work pulling off a smooth authors conference. And a big thanks to all the Trailridge Timberwolves and the rest of the winning authors and illustrators. I hope that I’ll be asking for your autographs someday!

Aug 15

I don’t usually post another author’s work, but I’d like to share this new release written by fellow Eagle Scouts, Danny & Will McNeil. Me First! A Modern Day Fable of Service, Scouting, and Self-Esteem.
I was fortunate enough to read some early proofs of this book (not to mention, my newly-arrived first edition–thanks, guys!) and I can’t recommend it enough. If you know a young Tiger Cub, Cub Scout, or any young reader for that matter, then this book will entertain as well as educate them about the reward of helping others. It’s smart, funny, and nicely illustrated by David Damby. Click the link below to get your copy today!
Way to go, Will and Danny! Keep up the great Scouting and be sure to keep writing. I can’t wait to read your next book!


Apr 25


I just returned from performing at the Blue & Gold Banquet for Cub Scout Pack 730 in Dallas, Texas! Everyone seemed to have a great time and the the Cub Scouts (and their siblings) were full of energy and thoughtful questions. As an Eagle Scout, I truly enjoy these events and always encourage the young Scouts to stay in Scouting and to strive to make it all the way to Eagle themselves.
Thanks to Cubmaster, Andrew Zinn for inviting me and to Meyer Zinn for helping me set up. And a big thanks to all the Cub Scouts in Pack 730. Keep having fun and keep on hiking up the Scouting trail. It gets more exciting the higher you climb!

Feb 25


Last night, I had the distinct pleasure of performing at the 2012 Blue & Gold Banquet for Cub Scout Pack 928 in Southlake, Texas! While enjoying pizza with the pack, a few Scouts recognized me from when I visited Walnut Grove Elementary. It was great seeing you guys again!
After dinner I performed my show, stuck around for some photo ops, and signed some autographs—all while watching these hard-working Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts, and Webelos receive their awards and advancements. I was even present for a special Den Chief award and Wood Badge presentation. Congratulations, everyone!
Thanks again for having me out, Pack 928. I hope all your Scouts stay in Scouting, keep working hard, keep having fun, and someday soon, make it all the way to Eagle Scout—just like I did! Believe me, Scouts, the trail to Eagle is quite an adventure!


Jan 16


I was recently interviewed by Mark Ray, fellow freelance writer and author of the wonderful book: The Scoutmaster’s Other Handbook. He wrote an article about me in the current BSA Alumni newsletter: Alumni Alive!
You can check out the article on the BSA website or view an archived PDF version HERE.
If you’re involved in Scouting, I highly recommend buying a copy of Mark’s book. And if you’re NOT involved in Scouting, I can’t endorse a better organization for your child in terms of learning new skills, experiencing new adventures, and developing leadership skills that will last a lifetime!
For more information, or to find local packs and troops in your area, visit the Boy Scouts of America official website.

Mar 5


Tonight I performed at the Blue and Gold banquet for Cub Scout Pack 350 in Fort Worth, Texas–my first show at a Blue and Gold! And because of my Scouting experience, I was able to tell this particular audience that I’m an Eagle Scout who was once a Cub Scout, too. I even brought along my old Cub Scout manuals and uniform shirt to show everyone (although the shirt would’ve been a little snug to wear, I’m afraid).

Throughout the night, I met a bunch of great Cub Scouts, Webelos, and Scouters. I saw many of them receive awards and badges and I was even lucky enough to be there when Super Scout arrived! I hear that’s a rare honor, indeed.

Thanks for the fun evening, Pack 350! Remember… keep hiking up that trail to Eagle. It’s a fun trek with plenty of exciting things to see and do. And if you live by the Cub Scout motto, “Do Your Best,” you’ll reach the top in no time!