Feb 27

Today was my first rescheduled day from the ice storm that cancelled almost half of my Rockwall ISD tour. I had a fun day at Stevenson Elementary—home of the Cubs!

Today was also picture day at the school, so I presented to four groups of sharply-dressed Stevenson students!

I have to give it to the 4th and 5th graders, who had the best questions of all—some I had never heard before!

I signed a bunch of books during lunch, and learned that the Stevenson PTA printed my autographed bookmarks for each and every student! It’s so nice when a bookmark some nice pages to snuggle up between!

Thanks to Mrs. Cooper and the Stevenson PTA for having me out and the tasty lunch. And a big thanks to all the Stevenson Cubs for such a fun day. Put those bookmarks to good use, and don’t forget to email me with more great questions!

Feb 24

I spent all day with the Bobcats at O’Dell Elementary in Celina, TX! I performed four shows and signed a bunch of books at my swanky signing station!

Several Bobcats brought books with them to the shows, and thanks to the O’Dell PTA, everyone received one of my special autographed bookmarks!

I met a bunch of young writers and a huge amount of future screenwriters, especially among the 4th and 5th graders!

Thanks to Mrs. Lundeen and the O’Dell PTA for having me out. Thanks to Mrs. Johnson for help setting up. Thanks to Coach Cross for her help and the use of the gym. And a big thanks to all the O’Dell Bobcats! It was great spending the day with you!

Feb 21

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Highlander School in Dallas, TX! I was welcomed by signs both outside and in!

The students and I took over the music room all day for three fun shows! All Highlander grades were great audience members with wonderful questions and even better giraffe noises!

Thanks to Mrs. Ortiz and the Highlander Parent Association for inviting me out. And thanks again for the generous thank-you gift! Thanks to Mrs. Rodriquez for the use of the music room. And the biggest thanks of all goes to the Highlander School students themselves! I hope you always remember our fun day and never forget the four words!