Jan 11


This snowy morning I drove the rental car down an icy highway to Blanco Elementary in Bloomfield, New Mexico. It’s a good thing I made it (couldn’t miss pizza day in the cafeteria). Between two fun shows in front of lively audiences, I had the chance to sign three of my Wishbone books, including the very first book I ever wrote, Digging to the Center of the Earth. I hope all the Blanco Elementary students enjoy reading them as well as all the other Wishbone adventures and mysteries they have in the library. I was even told by the librarian, Mrs. Pinto, that she’s going to show one of the TV episodes I co-wrote, War of the Noses. Available on Youtube HERE!
Thanks to Mr. Flores, Mrs. Travis, and Principal Marquez for helping me set up. Thanks to Mrs. Travis for inviting me and a big Texas thank you to all the cool kids at Blanco Elementary!


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