Nov 19

I enjoyed a great morning at Minshew Elementary in McKinney, TX–home of the Minshew Mighty Colts! I was greeted by a cool welcome sign and eager students, ready to see my show. I gave two shows and, fortunately for me, Mrs. McNally was able to fit three entire grades into the library for each show. I say I was fortunate because, for each show, I had a packed house in my favorite place to perform–you know, where all the books live!
Thanks to Mrs. McNally, Mrs. Buchanan, and the Minshew PTA for inviting me out. Thanks to Mrs. Stuart for taking pictures, all the help, and for being able to remember every student’s name–wow! Thanks to the Minshew staff for the entertaining lunch. And a big thanks to all the Minshew Colts. Be sure to check out your library for some of the books I signed. And don’t forget to ask Mrs. McNally about winning some of my signed books later!

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