Apr 29

Today I enjoyed a fun day at Highcroft Drive Elementary in Cary, NC–home of the Huskies. I performed three shows and in front of energetic students with some very cool art backing me up. How cool is that?
Between shows I gave a writing workshop for many talented young 4th and 5th graders. They had some of the best writing questions yet. I hope you add my tips to your writing toolboxes and churn out some great stories soon! I know Payton already has; she told me about the book on her website: stickmousebooks.com. I just read it and really enjoyed it–very funny. Great job, Payton!
It was nice getting to know all of you: Abbey, Alivia, Alli, Arria, Avery, Cameron, Carleigh, Carter, Claire, Claudia, Cristian, David, Diya, Ella, Erin, Ethan, Evan, Gwen, Ian, Isha, Jay Young, Jenna, Jillian, Jonathan, Joshua, Katie H., Katie M., Keriann, Lauryn, Maiya, Marilyn, Matthew, Meg, Megan, Michael, Mihika, Natalie, Nathan, Nathanial, Owen H., Owen S., Payton, Rohin, Samantha, Samay, Sanjana, Sean, Srusht, Zach M., and Zach P.
Thanks to Mrs. Rotella for inviting me. Thanks to Mrs. Georges, Mrs. Welsch, and the rest of the PTA for having me out, lunch, the cool gift bag, and for being so helpful throughout the day. Thanks to Mrs. Welsh for the cool welcome banner and to Mrs. Finelli for the nice stage art. Thanks to Mr. Finelli for the use of his guitar amp–it worked great. Thanks to Mr. Thomas for the many introductions. Thanks to Mrs. Wetherell for the use of the library (along with the four library turtles). And a big thanks to all the Highcroft Huskies. Remember what I said and keep writing those stories!

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