Nov 7

Today I returned to New Mexico to visit two schools smack in the middle of Roswell! This morning I was at Nancy Lopez Elementary where most of the school turned out for one big show! Everyone was energized, made excellent giraffe sounds (don’t forget how I showed you) and had great questions all around. I was thrilled by the amount of superb space alien sounds, too. About half a second before I reached that part of my song, I realized, oh yeah, this is relevant!
Thanks to Mrs. Ryan for having me out. Thanks to Mrs. Norris for taking pictures. A big thanks to Mrs. Brooks who worked tirelessly to set up everything before my show. And a big thanks to all the great kids at Nancy Lopez Elementary! Don’t forget those four words I taught you!
Later this Afternoon, I swung by Pecos Elementary to give another school-wide performance and was excited by all of the superhero decorations. Turns out this school is full of super-learners! This huge audience also had tons of great questions, proving that learning IS their super power!
Thanks to Mrs. Nieto-Walker for having me out and for the awesome shirt (I had to rock the shirt during the show). And a big thanks to all the Pecos super-learners! Keep reading, learning, and being the best superhero you can be!
That’s right. I’m Hatman. Boom!
And I couldn’t visit Roswell without a stop at the International UFO Museum And Research Center!
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