Apr 27


Today I visited the Intermediate campus of Sheffield Elementary where I was greeted with another welcome sign—a hat on a skateboard (a skateboard because of my Tony Hawk books and a hat because…that’s my thing).

I performed for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades with more book signings after each show. All the older Wranglers were great and I was given an unexpected treat when I was approached by Jacarious (whom I had met when I performed at his former school in Shreveport) and Roman (whom I had met when I performed at his former school in Corpus Christi). I’m running into more and more transfer students these days who get a double-dose of me and my hats!


Great seeing you again, guys!

That night, I came back to the primary campus to give a writing workshop to students and parents alike. I even signed some more books!
Thanks again to Ms. Briggs for having me out and for the wonderful book recommendations. Thanks to all the parents who came back out to attend my workshop. Thanks to Alejandro for the thank you card (below). And a big thanks to all the Sheffield Wranglers! It was a blast hanging out with you for two days. If I stay any longer, I’m going to need my own parking spot!

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