Dec 7


Wednesday found me at Winnwood Elementary–home of the Wildcats! I performed three shows in the library for three wonderful sets of kids. Everyone seemed to have a great time and enjoyed one of my favorite shirts–my red flame shirt.
I had a special treat when I had lunch with eight Winnwood students who won the chance to have lunch with me by writing short essays about … me! Although sometimes the facts strayed a bit, I must say they were all creative and entertaining. After lunch, some of the kids brought out an origami book and some paper and they showed me some of their favorite creations. I simply made a couple of paper airplanes (something I excelled at in elementary school). Soon, everyone made a plane and we ended up flying them around the library!
Thanks to Laraine Outly for inviting me and being such a great host. Thanks to all the Winnwood Wildcats for being full of energy and great questions. And a special thanks to all of my Winnwood lunch buddies: Ahmari, Alex, Brandy, Hailey, Sarah, Selma, Tyson, and Vivian.

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