Nov 10

Today I visited Centerville Elementary in Centerville, TX! And it was a good thing I wore my hat, since today was their weekly Hat Day to help raise money for nearby rescue shelter: Rufus Refuge!

I performed two shows in the cafeteria, one show in the library, and visited all the Kinder and 1st grade classes!

I signed a bunch of books for all the talented and polite students and even got to discuss some Godzilla with artist and the local Godzilla expert, Luke!

Thanks to everyone who asked great questions, brought books to sign, and made terrific giraffe noises!

And thanks to Addi, Addi Jo, Chloe, Liberty, Savannah, and the rest of the library helpers who helped make the day easier and more fun!

And thanks to Mrs. Payne for having me out and being a wonderful host. I hope everyone enjoys the books and don’t forget to keep those questions coming!

Mar 28

I just spent two days at Lyon Elementary—home of the Lyon Cubs! This was not only the last couple of make-up dates for my iced-out Rockwall ISD tour, but also my last author visit of the school year. And I couldn’t have asked for a better school to end both!

Since I was there two days, I got to present to each grade individually. I met a ton of young writers as well as a surprising amount of future screenwriters!

I signed everyone’s book during the first day and even signed some for the school library on the second. I hope everyone enjoys my books, especially my ghostwritten Tom Swift books that you will soon be able to check out from the library. If you weren’t in the presentation where I explained ghostwriting, ask Mrs. Arrington to tell you all about it!

Thanks to Mrs. Arrington and the Lyon PTO for having me out! And a big thanks to all the Lyon Cubs for being great listeners, readers, and askers of interesting questions. Have a wonderful rest of the school year!

Mar 14

Today I had a wonderful day at Springer Elementary, home of the Springer Stallions! 

It was another rescheduled day from my iced-out Rockwell ISD tour, and I’m thrilled the Stallions patiently awaited my arrival. 

I was greeted by a wonderful banner and a bunch of books to sign! The books were going to be special prizes for some of the best behaved audience members. There’s going to be plenty of names to draw from because each and every one of my three shows were full of polite students who had great questions! 

I had the pleasure of having lunch with all the students who bought books for me to sign. It was great visiting with each and every one of you, and I hope you enjoy my books!

Thanks to Mrs. Cutting for inviting me and for making such a wonderful experience. Thanks to Mrs. Cutting and Mrs. Wood for the banner. And the biggest thanks of all goes to the Springer Stallions themselves. Thanks for waiting for me, and I hope you had as much fun as I did!

Feb 27

Today was my first rescheduled day from the ice storm that cancelled almost half of my Rockwall ISD tour. I had a fun day at Stevenson Elementary—home of the Cubs!

Today was also picture day at the school, so I presented to four groups of sharply-dressed Stevenson students!

I have to give it to the 4th and 5th graders, who had the best questions of all—some I had never heard before!

I signed a bunch of books during lunch, and learned that the Stevenson PTA printed my autographed bookmarks for each and every student! It’s so nice when a bookmark some nice pages to snuggle up between!

Thanks to Mrs. Cooper and the Stevenson PTA for having me out and the tasty lunch. And a big thanks to all the Stevenson Cubs for such a fun day. Put those bookmarks to good use, and don’t forget to email me with more great questions!

Feb 24

I spent all day with the Bobcats at O’Dell Elementary in Celina, TX! I performed four shows and signed a bunch of books at my swanky signing station!

Several Bobcats brought books with them to the shows, and thanks to the O’Dell PTA, everyone received one of my special autographed bookmarks!

I met a bunch of young writers and a huge amount of future screenwriters, especially among the 4th and 5th graders!

Thanks to Mrs. Lundeen and the O’Dell PTA for having me out. Thanks to Mrs. Johnson for help setting up. Thanks to Coach Cross for her help and the use of the gym. And a big thanks to all the O’Dell Bobcats! It was great spending the day with you!

Feb 21

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Highlander School in Dallas, TX! I was welcomed by signs both outside and in!

The students and I took over the music room all day for three fun shows! All Highlander grades were great audience members with wonderful questions and even better giraffe noises!

Thanks to Mrs. Ortiz and the Highlander Parent Association for inviting me out. And thanks again for the generous thank-you gift! Thanks to Mrs. Rodriquez for the use of the music room. And the biggest thanks of all goes to the Highlander School students themselves! I hope you always remember our fun day and never forget the four words!

Jan 30

Beginning my second week at Rockwall ISD, I returned to yet another school—Hartman Elementary—home of the Eagles!

I missed seeing Mrs. Hughes again (by just a month), but Mrs. Miller did a great job, including welcoming me with this cool sign and caricature.

The Hartman Eagles were loaded with Special Effects questions—the most in Rockwall so far!

Thanks to Mrs. Reidling and the Hartman PTA for having me out. Thanks to Mrs. Miller for doing such a great job on her first year as a librarian and first author visit ever. And a big thanks to all the Hartman Eagles themselves. I hope you enjoyed my visit!

UPDATE: After I returned home to the ranch, it wasn’t long before I received a package stuffed full of wonderful thank-you letters and drawings from a large flock of Hartman Eagles! Thanks for writing: Abby, Abigail, Addison, Addy, Aiden, Aisha, Alexander, Anabella, Annaliese, Bella, Blake, Brooke, Claire, Connor, Ella, Elliot, Emma, Emmake, Eve, Everest, Evie, Ezra, Finley, Harper, Henly, Hollie, Isabella, Izaias, Jace, James, Kassie, Lincoln, London, Madelyn, Makenna, Malcolm, Mallory, Mariam, Melanie, Michelle, Monte, Phoebe, Riley, Savai, Sebastian, Sophia, Stella, Tommy, and Weslynn!

And some art by Anabella, Ella, and James, just to name a few!

Jan 27

I ended my first week at Rockwall ISD at Nebbie Williams Elementary, home of the Yellow Jackets! I was met first thing in the morning by the official Yellow Jacket herself (AKA Natalie), along with library helpers: Asher, Avery, and Lacy.

I got another surprise when I found out the library still had one of my signed books from my last visit, along with a photo of former librarian, Mrs. Dyer!

I performed three action-packed shows, signing tons of books after each one, and even got to sign Mrs. Mann’s author apron. She has quite a collection!

As I discussed movie scripts, it was great fun to discover how many future screenwriters were in attendance!

Thanks to Mrs. Milam (who did a wonderful job—congratulations on your first author visit) and the Williams PTA for having me out! And a big thanks to all the Nebbie Yellowjackets for being such a great audience all around. I hope you enjoy your books, especially the new ones I signed for your library!

Jan 26

Today was a busy day with four back-to-back shows for Rockwell ISD’s Jones Elementary!

The Jones Jaguars were all terrific audience members with tons of great questions!

Even though we were jammed into the library for some of those shows, everyone seemed to have a good time—especially me!

Jam-packed day, jammed into the library, and jammin’ on the guitar!

Thanks to Mrs. Collins and the Jones PTA for having me out. Thanks to Belle for the sweet fan letter. And a big thanks to all the Jones Jaguars themselves! You really know how to make a visiting author feel like a rockstar!

Jan 25

Today I returned to Reinhardt Elementary in Rockwall, TX! They built a new school since I was here last, with a big, bright library!

I performed three shows and was lucky enough to have lunch with the 5th grade book club. I had a fun chat over pizza with: Ayden, Bailey, Bryce, Emily, Finley, Jillian, Karleigh, Kiley, Lucy May, Max, Ollie, Oludara, Shelby, and Zoe!

The Reinhardt Rockets made for great audience members all around! My ears are still ringing from 3rd and 4th grades’ animal noises!

Thanks to Mrs. Figert for inviting me out—it was great seeing you again!—and for recommending me for the entire Rockwall ISD tour! And thanks to all the Rockets for being wonderful listeners and even better readers!

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