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Bowman Middle School – Day 2


Day two at Bowman Middle School began with a huge crowd—ALL of 7th grade in one go! Everyone was great and many asked some insightful questions. Thanks for sticking around to ask more: Jasmine and Andrew!

Later, some of the 7th graders and I hammered out some writing techniques and tips during two of my writing workshops!

Thanks again to Ms. Larch and the BMS PTA for having me out. Thanks to Mr. Williams and Mrs. Harper for help setting up. Thanks again to Mrs. Scheurer for the use of the library (feel better soon). And the biggest thanks of all goes to all the BMS 6th and 7th graders! Although I haven’t lived in Plano for years, you made me feel right at home!




Bowman Middle School – Day 1

Today was day one of two fun-filled days at Bowman Middle School in Plano, TX! I had a great time with all the 6th graders (7th grade tomorrow), and they had tons of great questions!

Not only did they enjoy the screenwriting segment but also hearing about me co-writing my very first video game. Better yet, this group is just about old enough to play it! Since you showed such interest, that name again is Wilson’s Heart and you can check it out: HERE!

Thanks to Ms. Larch and the BMS PTA for having me out. Thanks to Mrs. Scheurer for all the help and the use of the library. Thanks to Mr. Williams for the tech support. Thanks again to Miller Hats (today was the maiden voyage of my new blue pork pie). And a big thanks to all the Bowman Middle School 6th graders. You had some great questions and if you think of something else, catch me in the halls tomorrow!




Twice as Nice at Rice


It was a big day (and night) for me in Tyler, TX! First, I was invited back to Rice Elementary to hang out with the Rice Rangers again!

I spent the day with the Rangers giving three presentations, signing some books, and having a writing workshop with some of the 4th graders.


And…the obligatory silly one.

That evening, I was honored to be the guest author at Tyler ISD’s first LitCon…and it was crazy!


I signed more books, met some great people including Kornpop the Klown!

I gave another presentation (with the help of Kornpop’s balloon penguin)…

…and this time I had a little help from some of the Rice Rangers!

Thanks to Ms. Tunnell and the Rice PTA for having me back at the school, inviting me to your very first LitCon, and the generous gift basket and cookies! Thanks to Mrs. Gaston for all the help. Thanks to Mrs. Smith, your Speech Teacher but MY classmate from high school (great catching up with you!). But the biggest thanks goes to all the Rice Rangers and Tyler ISD students, parents, and teachers who came out to LitCon! It was packed, crazy, but a lot of fun!